My opinion on the new cards

hi .i just wanted to say what i think about the new cards.

  1. long horn yak (preety fun card that could have potential in haste decks . i like it ,thogh its weakness to transformation
    2.this green card: definetily sets some way for mono green to get away from big zealos gb entchantment. might also be used in combo decks .pretty good designed card
  2. 1mana search card. my least favourite ,because i dont want this game to end up in a yu-gi-oh ish combo only meta. it is very powerful
  3. this blue card.naaaaah i dont think this will have any good use maybe in apex decks.
    5.this yellow card. very usefull for y control midrange decks . i like it
  4. this red card: i think it is the worst card in those. if it just was something like drakkar ,which just buff every creature it would be useful,but like that ,i dont think it will have a use
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The 1F Legendary draw card scares me as well.