My opinion on the new visual effects

one of my favorite things about the game was the visual charm… in fact, the main reason why i dislike shadowverse and ES legends is the overuse of particle effects; it just feels like they’re trying too hard to be flashy and forget all about having personality.

if the MMORPG industry has taught us anything is that all the flashiness in the world won’t make asian MMOs more popular than the good’ol WoW. sure, it will draw attention (hype) but without personality, people will move on without a second thought.

that’s mostly how i feel about these new particle effects; they add “flash” but take away from the game’s personality. which is one of the main reasons why i liked it in the first place. (i won’t say anything about the quality of the effects, since i realise it’s still early access and many visual stuff is still in development)

anyway, i don’t expect anything to be changed back because of this post, just dropping my two cents.

Don’t know what visual effect is a problem for you. They are really suitable to this game personality.
For my part, i really want say GG to the Devs. We are asking for some animation since long time, and those are really amazing.
Many of new players will never see the difference between old tile summon and new, old know the job done for it.
The fact than animation don’t slow the game is nice too.
GG guys, keep doing good job !


Not entirely sure what specific effects you are talking about? How does it detract? How does it take away? What were you expecting?

I will agree whole-heartedly with Maihem. Back from when the game was originally out such animations were rarely seen and are a welcome inclusion in the game. And Animation that doesn’t cut back or cause additional problems deserve a large Kudos! GG Devs!

the ones added in the new update

Oh ? I personnaly don’t think the new effects reduce the charm of the game, since most of them were applied where there was no effect or minor effects only. I find them nicely made, and they don’t slow the game. The faeria harvesting one and the green teleport one look very cool to me :heart_eyes: Well, actually they all look cool in my opinion (and far from “too low for the release”, if I understood correctly what you seem to think).

Perhaps you have more specific thoughts about their quality and the fact they would contradict Faeria’s poetry ? Your point of view do interest me a lot on that topic (I already wrote a post about card’s artwork and the charm of Faeria’s style).

Great work, dear Faeria Team ! :kissing_heart:

Merry Christmas to you and to your families and long life to Faeria ! :fireworks:


I found the land creation animations to be a little jarring the first few times I saw them, but after playing a few games I hardly notice them.

Once you get past the new-ness factor I think all the new animations are actually a nice touch, and a great addition to Faeria.

I think the only gripe I’ve had so far with anything is the “Green Creep” Effect whenever there is a global negative effect on anything. Often times the effect hides what is going on behind it making it hard to follow. Personally I’d be more of a “pulsing dark disease” boundary with a light tint as the damage/life loss is applied across the board.

Though personally I really enjoy watching the lands being “summoned” and really adds to the ambience of the game. Great work!

I just think there are too many animations now. The animations should not distract from the game so much, I would prefer subtler and fewer animations. I was happier with the previous iteration of animations.

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it would be nice to have the option to turn off “advanced particle effects”, which in essence would remove those new animations and effects, keeping the old ones.

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I think most event options are pretty cool. The ones I’ve seen so far match the card’s art, which supports the ambient a lot.

While I do like the new animations I’ve seen so far, I understand some players would prefer to play without graphical effects. So yeah, options to turn them on/off are the key to please pretty much everyone. :smiley:

There’s already a heading “Game Settings” (when you click on the cogwheel while ingame), but there are no options yet. Hopefully something for the next update? :thinking:
(On a sidenote: Give us an option/checkbox for “show deck/hand-size permanently” already!)

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I agree. And this effect especially doesn’t make sense to be on Siege Engine after it attacks (just gets +1 Attack), and just feels really weird…