My Red/Blue Ratfang deck from Faeria Clash qualifiers

Axe Grinder x3
Caldera Explorer x3
Bloodfire Wisp x3
Ratfang Armorsmith x3
Freedom Fighter x3
Tyranax x3
Frogify x3
Gabrian Archon x3
Triton Banquet x3
Blazing Salamander x2
Groundshaker x1

This was my main deck from the Faeria Clash qualifiers, it evolved from my Tales of the Ouroboros deck which was based around Snowstorm Lancer and Ratfang Armorsmith. I decided it wasn’t cohesive enough. So I simplified it. Now the deck is based around only the Ratfang Armorsmith bulking up your Bloodfire Wisps. Triton Banquet energises well with Ratfang and gives useful mobility; it is the main reason that the deck hasn’t been further simplified down to mono red. Right now the decks main weakness is how hard it can swing against you if your big buffed Bloodfires are hit with removal, I might put in some removal bait going forward to help with that. If I had Seifer and more Groundshakers they would probably go in.