My thoughts after giving the new cards and Pandora chance

Good morning guys!

My initial thought about the new RNG cards (Tale, Luduan, Ruunins Champion, Magda) were 100% negative, I didnt like the fact that you add random cards to your hand. Same thing about the Pandora artifacts, I did not like the looks of them one bit. Neither the “pandora opens” part.

Since then my negative feelings towards those cards have unfortunately only grown stronger. The fact that the random cards you get either have their Faeria cost reduced or are buffed encourages players to just add a lot of these cards, which transforms Faeria into a dice-rolling game and makes the art of deck-building feel less important. I would much prefer if these cards said something like “Draw x cards, they are reduced by x Faeria” (ofcourse the numbers would have to be tweaked).

For the last week I played mainly Pandora and I watched a lot of streams when I could. I like that the devs tuned the artifacts down, but I honestly would prefer to see them simply removed. “Pandora Opens” is something I like though. But probably for the wrong reasons. The best thing (not only thing!) about Pandora Opens is that you don’t have to draw any more artifacts. The six Faeria per turn + no wells might make the drafting process more interesting (we can draft slightly greedy).

I know that some people do enjoy these random elements, I’m just not one of them. Faeria is still a great game though, but it could (for me, and im sure many others) be so much better by doing a few changes! :slight_smile:


I agree pretty much to everything you say here. the tuning down of the artifacts was nice, but far not enough.
That said, the whole concept of artifacts may not be garbage, thouhg. We can live with the one that adds a plague bearer to the hand or a flip the table, for instance. But those which have an immediate or disproportionnate impact (eredon’s drums, crystal dragon, and so on, feast…) are not fun anymore after a few runs, just frustration.
And like J0k3se said, Pandora Opening might make some things interesting, but please balance the advantage of the first player to have it opened !

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Can’t add anything or disagree. It is just true.