My Two Cents Worth

First of all, kudos on a well designed game. Many of the concepts used are original and inspired and I anticipate many more future fun filled hours. Because I would like the game to continue to be enjoyable, I did have a few thoughts.

  1. I’m not too fond of the Jackpot cards. These are the cards that add random other cards to your hand. I stopped playing Hearthstone because each new expansion seemed to add more cards with random effects. While I understand some people would be upset at having existing cards banned, perhaps we could avoid adding any new ones to the mix?
  2. May want to modify a couple of the cards for balance. Runin might be a more reasonable card if the cost went up by one Faerie each time she is reincarnated. Soul-eaters also seemd overpowered–perhaps have them gain +1/+1 for your creatures killed while they are in your deck/hand or after played on the board, but not both. Perhaps life total of Tree of Life could go down one point during each production phase?
  3. Perhaps more area of effect spells? Current spells mostly have a single target, or blanket the board, perhaps more spells that affect a hex and every adjacent hex.
  4. To deflect the inevitable criticism that games are always won by decks with the most rare cards (they are not, but never mind), perhaps a handicapping system in deck design. Each card might have a certain point cost-- 0 points for common, 2 points for uncommon, 5 points for rare and 10 points for legendary. Decks could either have a hard cap on maximum number of points, or alternatively the point total of the decks could be compared at the beginning of the match and the “weaker” deck could either gain bonus life points, bonus starting Faerie, or perhaps a combination of the two. To encourage diversity in cards in the deck, one could also tack on a point cost for duplication of cards–having a second copy of a card might cost one additional point, having a third copy might cost an additional two points.

This is my “Hello, World!” post. The hating may now commence.

  1. Card rarity does not (officially) represent card strength. Correlation between the two is minimal IMO.

I agree that card rarity does not strictly represent card strength. I wonder, however, how far up the God ladder one can travel with a deck made up entirely of common and uncommon cards (although now that I think of it, it might be fun to try.)

I would love to see a pauper format, or some other restricted formats. I like to experiment with such things. But I guess for now the card pool isnt big enough!

There was a tournament in pauper format recently, all common cards. You can find some of the decks on the hub by searching “Pauper” or visit the Turn 4 Discord.

the card pool is big enough. The player base might be too small.

  1. RNG is part of what makes DCCG so different from table-tops. The RNG in Faeira is very minor and cards that just add another card to your hand (Magda being an exception) will rarely be the reason you won, if ever. I don’t want much RNG to be sure, but a lil hand feeding is a-ok

  2. Disagree with all of this entirely

  3. Agreed- however, one of the things that keeps me in this game is the the lack of spells to deal w the board…I love that the only real way to deal with the board is to develop a board yourself. Piles of removal is a big part of why I left Duelyst after 2+ yrs of play.

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I would be interested in a Pauper format, although I might want to expand it to common and uncommon cards. If nothing else, it would be interesting to see decks that don’t rely on some of the over-used rare cards.