My very short story on faeria


I was interested in faeria because i thought I could create any decks i wanted and be abble to adjust them without any cost.
I install the game, I enjoyed the game.
But when I learned the pack containing all the cards has been deleted i decided to quit.
I don’t want to see any cards creation as a charge. I want to try things without feeling like if it doesnt work out i lose money ( IG or IRL).

A noob

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Why are you even playing card games then? I can’t think of any card games like that.

Well, some games have Equalizer tournaments ( everybody access to all cards but only inside a certain tournament) but Faeria isn’t one of them as of yet.

Faeria used to have a pack that gave the full collection ?


You get 120 cards or something in the beginning though, but you keep them.

Are you sure you didn’t do what I did and just messed up inside the deckbuilder? I also thought my cards were gone, but as I reopened the deckbuilder there was nothing wrong. I don’t know why I thought that though, for me that is a bit too long ago.

Faeria did used to sell the full collection for 50$ but they realized it was a mistake and wasn’t a feasible business model.
I would like to say thank you for stating your feedback before you quit and I would also like to mention that Faeria is one of the easiest games to play FTP, in 2 months I had 9 decks(Including the most expensive meta decks to craft at the time) and in 6 months I had the full collection.
It would be considerably more than 50$ if you wanted to buy enough packs to get full collection from the start though.

I can understand his thinking quite easily. 50 $/€ is a valuable prize for any digital game with a full release (Battlefield, Diablo, Starcraft, …), so anyone would be worry about a partial software with randoms maps/levels that can be unlocked.
Anyway I have not enough data to calculate the statistical coverage of the big offer. It should be 84 chests I suppose, but I don’t know the rarity distribution and the memoria average value of a chest. Perhaps you guys more expert then us could estimate how much memoria can be obtained disenchanting duplicates from the top offer, because I’m wondering since some days the same thing, so if it is really worth the bought.

Yea, your consideration is right about some market revenue aspect, but anyway this is a very specific niche and they will lose inevitably players that love the game but don’t like to “unlock” everything in months to try different strategies efficiently.