Mythic cards for veterans

on/after oct. 12th booster packs will be worth more.
why? because they can then contain mythic cards (worth 5 times as much as a normal card) and rare+ cards can be rerolled.

i am asking yet again for a compensation in the form of mythic cards based on how many packs were opened.

  1. i urge the devs to take a snapshot of how many packs players have opened before oct. 12th 2016.

  2. spellweaver and duelyst have recently added and granted foil cards to those who opened boosters before they were implemented. i don´t see why this can´t be done in faeria as well.

I’m sorry, but aren’t you a bit greedy here? Sure, you’d be better off at October 12th, if you’d just saved your gold. Here’s your advantage for opening the packs earlier: You were able to actually use all those cards before the patch hits. If you buy a jacket in a store and 2 weeks later it’s 50% off, do you go there again and ask for 50% refund as well?

Developers make our grinding lifes easier and you’re asking for a “refund”? - In that case probably the rest of your missing collection for free, because disenchanting all those mythics would grant enough memorial for everything’s missing.

Faeria is the most generous f2p model that I’ve ever seen. And you’re still asking for more…

While I can understand your idea, it’s like Taiyodori said. It would be nice, sure, but they decided not to give out more stuff and that’s fine. I mean c’mon, all that stuff they gave us within the last couple of month is more than you could have been asking for.

Yeah, the game isn’t perfect, but this is the first time I have the feeling that a publisher (in the computer gaming industry) does care and they did huge steps in the players direction. I don’t like everything in this game, I even despite some things, so maybe it’s just not my (perfect) game, but all this doesn’t change the fact, that they do a great job and I respect that a lot.

i asked for fairness.

but nvm. i am done with this company. have fun.

don’ forget the game is still in Early Access, this means you have to accept all those changes.
and btw, u have a compensation : a gold fountain, which is worth 2400g (24 chests!)