Need guaranteed cosmetics in mythic chests

I suggest that each mythic chest should have at least 2 or better 3 guaranteed cosmetic items. Recently I bought a mythic chest and was disappointed. I got 3 mythic cards which are useless in new economy and 2 lore pages, in which i’m not interested in.

The cheapest cosmetic items in the store (Rares) start at slightly more than 6,000 shards. The chests cost exactly 6,000 shards, so even 1 cosmetic item is worth it.

The lore pages are worth it as well, because it means you don’t need to grind for them by playing decks you don’t feel comfortable with. Once your collection of pages is complete you will get no more of those annoying lore quests! Each expansion will introduce new pages, but not more than 40 per 2 months.

I know mythic cards are useless, but you can’t have it all… The reason why golden chests are so cheap is precisely because they are a “lucky dip”. I play a mixture of Pandora and Battle mode, and despite not being a very good player, I can afford to purchase a chest with shards once every couple days.

Tldr; The current system is just the way I like it.

I do not find golden chests cheap. You have to win about 10 times to get one chest. If I play 2-3 games a day (actually, I play less), I will be getting lore pages for a year. And as for me, they are absolutely useless. It looks as if Wizards of the Coast started selling flavour texts in MtG. Adding guaranteed drops to mythic chests is a simple feature that reduces frustration. And i do not see any drawbacks.

I have already completed my card collection, so logins that would ordinarily reward 2 chests give me 1200 shards Also, play 4 games a day if you can - this is usually enough to level up once, which also rewards 1200 shards. Your collection is probably not complete yet, that’s why you are getting 2 chests instead. So I suggest not buying chests at all until you get all the cards you are able to get.

The probability of getting a cosmetic in a chest is about 40%. Make it any higher, and nobody would want to buy individual cosmetics, which isn’t good for the dev’s bottom line.

Just save ya shards and buy cosmetic sets. I stack shards like crazy just from levelling up and the fact that i have premium. Ive been saving for a couple weeks and can already buy most of the stuff (have 70k). Mythic chests do feel a bit lack lustre but for me its because i get mostly mythic cards but i cant use them because i only have 1x of them all, maybe 2x a few. It messes with my ocd lol. Really wish i could obtain them without having to dip into mythic chest RNG. But its free at end of the day so i dont really give a rats ass.

There is a person like me who want only mythic cards but not any cosmetics. I think current form is proper.

Some players don’t like to collect lore, it’s hard to make everyone happy… Maybe they can have different version of mythic chests, one each for mythic cards, cosmetics and lore pages. But it’s pretty easy to collect them after you complete your regular collection, so not sure if it makes much difference in the long run.

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