Need more cards at start or phases needed

What’s the point of getting Forge or terrain building cards at the end of the game when the enemy is at the gates ? no spare room for extra terrain and no safe place to build a forge.

This problem might be fixed if players recieve 5 cards at the beginning, or cards are dealt in phases -
(1) Building phase, at the beginning of the game, when no powerful units can be drawn
(2) middle phase, when any card can be drawn
(3) later phase, when no building cards can be drawn

ATM, this games seems too dependent on card draw order, it would be a better game if it wasn’t.


That’s a valid concern in any card game.
In HS, what’s the point of getting innervation late game ?
Well, there isn’t. That’s where deckbuilding can play a role : get enough or them, so that you draw some at the beginning, and make it so that drawing the late isn’t as punishing (might become a dead card, but if you manage well, you can deal with it). Or don’t play those cards, play only those who are useful at any time. Or try not going into late game. Or accept that a card game has got some inherent RNG in the draw :wink:
There are many solutions, and they’re linked to deckbuilding choices and strategies ^^

Btw, what do you consider “early” and “late” cards in this game where the line between both is so thin ? Certainly not faeria cost : for instance, the Steamforge Enforcer (neutral, 6/5 for 6) is a good card in the beginning as an aggression tool, but less than average after a few turns have passed (it’s not even vanilla 6/6).

And matchmaking has been modified to reduce the impact on draw order (now you can single redraw each of your cards once instead of redrawing the full hand)