Nerf Apex Predator

How is posible that card with cost - 6 f / 3 lakes / 3 forest is gaining atack and life equal of ANY creature ??? You are kiding me??? I will play verduran force with 7/7 then apex… witch will get 7/7 + 4/4 (base stats) and i can have 3 of them in hand… next i will have apex with 11/11 already and will play another one, whitch will get 15/15… then i will play 3rd one and this one wil have - 19/19 zero balance… i had the game like this, and i’m thinking to stop suport you

We do have a few answers to oversized creatures:

Last Nightmare (a fair* Faeria trade with a 6f creature)
Humbling Vision (can be efficient but requires board presence to finish off the debuffed minion)
Mirror Phantasm (-1 Faeria trade against a 6f; opponent has initiative with their phantasm; this used to be good)
Frogify (-0.5 Faeria trade against a 6f if the Frog is worth ~1.5f)
Apex Predator (what’s better than a 19/19? How about a 23/23?)
Various Annoying Taunts (to buy some time)
Deathtouch (Death Walker, Queen’s Assassin, Shaytan Assassin, etc)
Unbridled Aggression (not actually an answer, but the correct way to play if removal is poor)

*All these answers are relatively weak since as a reactive player you need to have a specific card in hand when the threat is played. Fair trades just give the initiative straight back to your opponent even when you do have an answer in hand. Negative trades are only good in special tactical situations. I haven’t had much luck with the deathtouch creatures, but perhaps now is their time to shine since other options are weak.

All that said, Apex Predator decks don’t seem to be that dominant since other archetypes can get sufficiently large bodies in play much more easily. I am more worried about those Verduran Forces, Steamforge Enforcers, and buffed up Freedom Fighters.

“i had the game like this, and i’m thinking to stop suport you”

this game is early access and all about balancing, as you might have seen yesterday with the patch?
how about you leave your feedback and then finish the post with something productive?

and if that happens in one turn the opponent had 18 faeria, if it didn’t happen in one turn, you did nothing to stop it.
if it would be broken i think everyone would play u/g

but that’s what play testing and early access is for before the release. so leave constructive feedback…

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Apex Predator is supposed to be a strong card with its 6 land requirement (highest in the game). There are a lot of cards to deal with these threats though, and if your opponent doesnt, there is a big chance that she either tries to rush you and kill you quickly, or have really big creatures herself… or play play monored :blush:

All of the 3/3 cards are strong and SHOULD be strong. They are the finishers for their specific dual-colour playstyle.

I’m dropping 25/25 soul stealers on people late game.