Nerf crystal flower, please

it’s actually 4F LN in most cases. especially in aggressive decks.
and even you break flower with FB or command, sometimes it’s not counter play because your creature is moved to useless position. so flower performs as a 4F-2F(command, cheapest way to break flower) = 2F movement trick at least.

Crystal flower is neutral card, so it is auto-included in every deck if it’s OP and now various kind of tempo, rush and burn take this card into their lists. The reason is, again, it’s actually 4F LN in most cases.
So we could change flower to an inferior version of LN (but every color could use), just change flower’s cost to 5F or 6F, or limit the range of swallow ( ex) can swallow the creature in adjacent place only) so flower is similiar but different than classical hard removal.


I completely agree with you. When it acts as a 4F LN, you’re pretty much screwed. So either a cost increase or range limit could be the way to go.

An extremely radical idea that just came to mind could be making it like Deranged Monkey.
Crystal Flower 4F WWWW 0/1 Gift - Swallow a creature. Empty all faeria wells. This gains +0/+1 for each well emptied. At the end of your turns, deal 1 damage to this.
This would basically indirectly increase the cost of flower. It would also mean that you can’t drop multiple flowers efficiently on the same turn. You would still get some scenarios where it will act as a 4F LN, but overall the card will be much more situational now.

i dont like that change nonnig. that only enforces flowers role as a better LN for yellow rush, and leaves it as good as it is in burn. it would make it worse in tempo decks but those are the ones its the least horrible and broken in (it still is pretty broken in those).
i think the problem with flower becomes more clear when you say that its not flower that is like LN but rather, most of the time, LN is a more expensive flower. when you play yellow rush you dont care if the creature youre removing lives or not, you just want it out of the way, out of collection and or away from face, it doesnt need to die and for all you care it might get +10/10 flying jump and last word “leave a 2/2 manta with charge 2” all you want is for it to be out of the way. The most glaring problem with flower is that it is an amazing option for rush decks, which from what ive heard it was never supposed to be. it was intended as a way for non blue yellow decks to punish overly big investments in one single creature, instead it punishes playing a creature in the first place, flower is best when swallowing a useless creature like a wood ele so you dont even care if it gets out, youre just stoping collection. its just another form of global, uncontrolable, unplay-aroundable removal that punishes you for doing nothing wrong other than installing the game. #nerfFlower

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