Net-decking and You

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Net-decking has been a part of card games for as long as the internet had message boards. There is no shame in net-decking because it can be a crucial learning process to give you the confidence to build your own decks. In order to understand why a player constructed a God Rank deck you need to play it and then figure out why certain cards were chosen.

Net-decking the right deck

It’s easy to find decks in Faeria. You can hop on to discord, head into deck-sharing and find a deck there. After big tournaments like the Faeria Monthly Cup players release their decks to the public for players to try them out.

So what do I mean by net-decking the ‘right’ deck? Tournament decks and ladder decks are very different because of how they are constructed. A tournament winning deck might not give you the desired results on ladder. Identifying this comes with experience and understanding the meta-game you’re playing in. Decks are created and optimised for a specific environment or built to a standard where it will do well across multiple match-ups.

You found a deck you like but what next?

Once you’ve found a deck you like you can just play it on ladder and see how it performs. Once you’ve played several games you can get an idea on the meta-game. The ladder is a constant evolving meta-game which shifts and changes based on results in competitive play.

Let’s take a look at this Green deck.

So you’ve played this deck for five matches on ladder. One game was a Mid-range Red, one was a Blue Control but the other three were Yellow Rush. This sample pool of matches tells you currently that Yellow Rush is quite popular.

The deck list above has Oak Father in the deck, a great card against Red but not so good against Yellow or Blue. Oak Father is easily removed by Last Nightmare or transformed by Frogify. Switching out the Oak Father’s for Grove Guardian’s would help you against the Yellow Rush players. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments to make common match-ups favourable. You may have needed an Oak Father for that one game against Red but Grove Guardian was more useful in the three Yellow Rush matches.

Changing the net-deck to suit you

Don’t be afraid to change the deck to compliment your play style. The player who created the original deck had their own meta-game to build around. Net-decking will only take you so far in card games. If you want to go to the next level you’re going to need to experiment with your own ideas. Don’t be discouraged if you lose because of this. Identify the problem and try to address it in deck building. You learn more from losing than you ever will from winning.

The Next Level

With time and experience you will come to know every card that’s used in ladder or tournament play. You will be able to make your own decks because of your understanding of the game and deck building. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t net-deck. Net-decking will still be a great way to explore new ideas from other players. By this point you’ll have your own perspective on the game and what you believe is good or bad. Adjust the deck accordingly and enjoy playing!