Neutral Aggro

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I just want to share my deck and to get more opinions from the others.
I’m really thinking about to grow in this game so I think I must to know more about the game and about the opinions of the players.

I swear and ensure that I didn’t search about neutral decks before doing this one, and I know no one will believe this. I just thought that the neutrals seemed to be truly good just for have 1 more land per pick and for don’t need numbers of lands, and I thought about it just playing the missions of the game in my first day. In the tenth day, with 17 hours played, I was in rank 14. This is the first deck that I made and the only one that I use to play against players. I made this to beat Aurora in that last mission, but I cannot even with this deck, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!

I know… !-I- -K-N-O-W-! …
This deck seems to be ugly and to do nothing good enough to win, but… TRUST ME I’VE PLAYED FROM RANK 25 AT 14 ONLY LOSING 4 TIMES.

This deck is a idiot combination of nothingness plus nuff that works because the game want it so. You can incredibly produce cards in your hand, you can put a creature on the board almost every single own turn, you can beat your opponent while you have full life (it’s the normal), you have a lot of chances to win just for luck (!-F-I-V-E-!x [Card=23]Campfire[/Card], 3x [Card=22]Freedom Fighter[/Card], 3x [Card=335]Rebel Slinger[/Card]), you will not leave a enemy creature with 1 life point considerly sometimes and you WILL NOT EVER, !-E-V-E-R-!, lose the game with the opponent’s full life (can happen, just never happened with me).

SIMPLE!! Just NEVER put a creature in turn 1, so you can put a big (only 5 in the deck, 2 [Card=38]Guards[/Card] and 3 [Card=22]Fighters[/Card]) in turn 2. If you haven’t a big one just play a cost 3, save the faeria to big ones always (unless you can win by not doing this; ex.: [Card=23]Campfire[/Card], [Card=335]Rebel Slinger[/Card]).
Start the lands ALWAYS in the middle line until you hit the opponent, forget the others possibilities of landing !-B-U-T-! make sure you can to utilize the opponet’s lands (ex.: you can put ONE land, put a [Card=22]Fighter[/Card] on it and move him to an enemy land and put the other one more far from yours).
You MUST to forget your life points, your side of the field and the wells, because your aim here is just to end the opponent quickly to proove him that you are using “THE FASTEST (…)” DECK “(…) ALIVE”.

I returned to HearthStone to become a pro player, but when I saw what Faeria can to do to the players… I always accepet opinions, then please give me a lot, please.