Neutral Card ideas

Good morning!

I sort of fell back into MtG about a week ago and the deck-building aspect in MtG is, to me, very fun!
You can make a lot of different combos, cycle cards, be more in control of what you draw etc.

It inspired me to create a few suggestions that I would like to see in Faeria! To make deckbuilding more interesting in Faeria :slight_smile:

All the cards are created with GameShark’s tool I used images from google for the art. The names and the balance of the cards is nothing I put much thought into, I just wanted to show some examples to give you an idea.

All cards are neutral!

Gossip: Strong versus combo-decks. It is a 3 cost card that gives you a lot of information. You can also chose to remove that Last Nightmare if you take 6 damage. Or that Khalim’s prayer without losing any life!!

Farmer: A weak (in terms of stats) creature that will get you ahead economically if you protect it.

Tutor: We need cards like this. It could be cheaper but have criterias, like 2F Search for a creature with Production and put it on top of your library at t he end of your turn. Imagine the combos with Magnus or Thulgar!

Denied: A card that gives you information (the destroy cards should first be revealed, forgot to write that). Also stops combos with Tutor. Milldeck?

Fortune Teller: A powerfull ability tied to a weak and somewhat expensive body. Helps you draw what you need!

Redraw: Is your hand cluttered with trash? Pay 2F and discard cards to draw new ones.

Harvest Not: Deny your opponent to collect Faeria.

Replenish: Draw two cards for 2F sounds good. Draw 1card for two doesnt sound very good.

Profitower: Rush players might enjoy this. Burn players will enjoy if their opponent plays this. Powerfull effect but it will kill you eventually.


Notice that I added a lot of carddraw. I did it because I want to mill you :yak:


Pretty nice card ideas!
The Profitower and Gossip are my favourite!

But I have a questions regarding the Farmer.
If you buff him with a green card (e.g. Shamanic Dance), don’t you end up with a too powerful card? Especially against decks with no removal.

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Thank you!
And if you buff the farmer it does absolutely become quite powerfull! I dont know if it would be too powerfull though since you need to invest two cards for it (and the faeria required for that), and it would probably still not be much of a board-threat to the enemy.