New ability ideas and descussion

The the new Dash and Slam ability got me thinking about some abilities of my own, and made me want to start a thread on custom ability types. To get this thread going here’s an ability that I’ve thought of.

Hide: While this creature is on a {L} tile and isn’t next to an enemy, it is invisible.
{L} Would be the color of land it can hide on e.g. when on a forest tile.

Here’s an example of what a card with hide would look like

(Probably OP)

The main purpose of Hide is to be an answer to hard removal like last nightmare unless they have a creature next to it. Plus I think it would fit very well into Faeria’s land type mechanics.
I don’t know how ranged attacks would affect this creature, since after all, it is hiding.

I would love to hear what you guys think, Is Hide stupid? And If you have your own ideas for an ability, please share it here, I’d love to hear about it :slight_smile:

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i don’t think the ability is OP at all… i assume your opponent can physically see the creature on the board, just can’t target it for effects (like the stealth in hearthstone)

whether it’ll be good or bad, all depends on the cards themselves (slam on aurora wouldn’t be very interesting, would it?)

i don’t think it’ll work very well offensively since the opponent can just play a creature next to it and open it for removal; unless you can only “unhide” if it’s next to an active creature (can move/attack)

if the hide creatures are cheap, they can be excellent collectors (especially defensive collectors) since the only way to deal with them would be AOE, and not everyone has access to those.
having hide creatures with 2-3 health would be pretty good for slower decks.

just give them more than 1 health so groundshaker wouldn’t completely wreck them…

Nice ! An invisible collector ! Er … no, I definitely think it’s a bad idea :expressionless:

But Hide on an offensive creature … maybe, who knows ? (not sure it will be much use to an offensive one, though)

Well, I was actually thinking fully invisible to the opponent. He sees what card was played but he doesn’t see where it was placed. The location of hidden creatures shouldn’t be too hard to guess in the early/mid (maybe even late) game, depending on land placement and faeria gathering.

I also think it could work offensively since It would add to the removal cost. Imagine a 5/5 for 5 hidden creature. He might only have enough faeria to summon a creature next to it but not the removal.

There are so many possibilities to Hide.
Production gain +x/+x while hidden
Hide in ocean(good early game, bad late game)
Hidden Structures.(block paths from charge decks)
Hidden Ranged creatures(Very Offensive)
And anything else you can think of.

Here’s another card using the hide in ocean idea.

When you place this it will be in danger of direct removal while in the lake but when it moves into the ocean it can be great for removal or collection. Still vulnerable to aoe or the new rebel glider + falcon dive.

How i think the ability would look to the opponent is transparency. 50% transparent when next to an enemy creature, from 0% to 100% transparent when moving from visible to hiding (so you see the last direction it went in)