I saw it but they play 3 times the same card. So they dont play hard mode.
I already said but i say again for you.
For example, if i play red cards who damage directly fortress and i multiply by 3 each card they do damage, it’s very easy. You dont have to think at all, even in finale in a tournament. And i saw videos, they dont do specific moves or something really great.

When you saw a finale in a sport as football or tennis, you see why they are in finale. You see their level of practice. When you see a finale of Chest Competition, you understand why. They do really specify moves. But when i saw your finales faeria competition, i saw just newbies play in finale. That’s all.

As i said, a game it’s first of all to enjoy before to win. When you play a strategy game, it means you enjoy playing strategy. But when you still play same cards without thinking, you cant enjoy anything.

Haaaaa yeah ok, “hard mode” for you is full rng mode, i understand then.
Yeah then it’s true, having 30 differents cards is easier to stay in rng game and don’t play with statistics at all.
That make a lot of sense because then in hard mode everybody can win a tournement, so give more chance to you for exemple to win.

And i really agree that in videos they don’t do good moves.
The final was just 2 newbies who can’t even are able to just play with luck by using a deck with 30 different cards. They want be strategical and i agree it’s weird. We are not in a chess like game !
It’s just 2 newbies who are just a “bit” better than other newbies who play this game. Nothing crasy here.

Yeah, a game should definitly just be for fun, to enjoy. Not to get money or make use the brain.
I hope poeple will realize that and go back play Parcheesi.

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ah ah good answer i like it !
I’m good in statistic, i already play like them and i was good on it, but it was when i was newbie so…i decided to evolve my game to enjoy it :wink:

A strategy game is to make use your brain, i understand why you dont want to play strategy. You know what means “strategy” ?
If Faeria is not a “Strategy” game, why they call it “Strategy game” dude ?

I wanna play this cool new format with you dude, what’s your IGN?

what is IGN ? My pseudo is Bourguiba

I cant reply more, i said :
"Hiiiigh skill YYYEAAAH ! ah ah cool my boy ! We’ll do that ! Kiss your balls for me ! "

Minotheric :
Ok dude ! I try to put an other rule to evolve the game, but you, you talk a lot for nothing. So, best way are to fight me in faeria, and we’ll see if i’m not good. You’re ok ? With my rules ok ? If i loose with my own rules, i use yours to take rank 1 and take the first place in tournament, and after we can come back in my rule if i do that ok ? What do you think about it ? :slight_smile:

In Game Name.
Mine’s Yosh, I’ll try to play this high skill no luck involved only brain plays format tomorrow, ok?

Look like you are good in stats, but not in sarcasm.
If you can’t realize yourself my answer was irony, i think it’s time to stop discussion.

I’ve nothing against you, I try to not be unpleasant with you.
Your side you just want externalize you hatred.
I guess it’s because you want understand why you are not able to win games, and it’s probably because you can’t see the reality in front : You are not good for strategy.

So now if you don’t want accept what all players anwsered you here, it’s your problem.
But what is the goal of making an article if you don’t want hear the answers ?

I’m done. And if you were trolling all along, well played it’s funny.

Bourgoogba :

Ok sure, always happy to play games :slight_smile:
So 30 differents cards & not use of the cards you mention in the article.
BO3 or BO5 ? Can we use 2 sames colors ? What Format do you want to use ?

If I win, you’ll use “my rules” ? Do you mean normal rules ?
And you go #1 and win a cup. Off course i accept, i want to see someone else in top players!
I’m “Minocaro” Ingame.

What is BO3 or BO5 ? Yes you can use every color you love. Just 30 different cards and not using cheating cards i mention. That’s all !

But if i win, you say to your devs to put new mode :slight_smile:

BO3 = Best of 3
mean we play until someone get 2 wins (maximum 3 games).
BO5 mean we play since someone get 3 wins (maximum 5 games).
Depending of the format we also have to ban a deck.

ok BO3 its cool. but why you want to ban a deck ? And how you can do that ?

I will make sure that he says that to the mods, who will then say that to the devs.

Faeria lobby can do that, it’s on format of tournements.
It’s all automatic don’t worry :wink:

well, let’s go for BO3,when do you want to play ?

ok when you want
i’m ready now

Cards you listed tend to be good in Pandora, but majority of them is way worse in constructed (normal ranked).

*Magda - really easy to remove, even if you play it in spot you think is safe (cards like Flameburst, Wind Soldier, Ninja Frog).
*Shara - same as Magda, dealing 3 damage isn’t that hard + buffing her makes her really vurnerable to cards like Frogify or Last Nightmare.
*Day of Dragons - The cards seems good, but since Orosei (one of the dragons you get) is one of the worst pieces of RNG crap in game you don’t really wanna play it.
*Hammer of Acros - the only way to get it outside of Pandora is is to trigger Baldurions corrupt ability, which isn’t easy if you aren’t already ahead/your opponent made aggresive lands he can’t protect for no reason.
*Mobie,t Azure Skywhale - Mobie needs 8 special lands to be played, dragons only 2, that’s why he is stronger. changing his stats to 4/4 would make him killable by cards like Firebomb or Punishment - that’s a really bad idea. Also moby isn’t really that good unless you are either far ahead or you opponent has only overbuffed giant creature
*This card is alreadypretty bad, even in pandora. Nerfing it more would be just cruel.
*Emperor Kaios - as Magda, only good if you are far ahead or your opponent has no aggresive lands or global removal (like Choking Sand). That’s rarelly a case in ranked enviorment.
*Frog Tosser - card is strong, but not strong enough to be nerfed. making it 2/4 would make it unplayable.
*Gift of the Rakoa - as much as it can be unpredictable you often will find yoursefl unable to play it as enemy simply removes all your creatures.
*Istanu, Eternal light - as in case of Mobie, you need 4 more lands to play it, that’s why it is stronger. This card would be op, but the sole existance of Garudan and Frogify make it balanced in constructed play.
*The Tree of Everlife - you need 10 special lands to play it, which makes it really s l o w. It also doesn’t trigger instantly, so you have one turn to react.
*Yakkapult - you usually increse it stats to protest it from being destroyed, not to increse damage. Giving it divine (god mode) would actually make it cheating card.
*Runnin - i agree with you, this card is really annoying, though simply increasing the cost would just make it unplayable, and I don’t think that’s the correct way to solve the problem. Also, as much as we may dislike being forced to endure Runnin, many people do enjoy playing decks including her.

I understand you get annoyed by those cards in pandora, as it is harder to play around them in there than in the constructed, but you should remember that the game is mainly balanced around constructed play, not pandora. As for the new mode idea, I belive there actually was mode like this (only one copy of the card in deck), just before they opened pandora. From my memories matches in this mode felt way more random and less satysfying to play, though it was few years ago so I don’t remember it to well.


I dont talk about Pandora but Ranked Mode. I know how we can defeat them ah ah no problem. I say it’s just a easier for people they use them, and not regular, because of cost, or stats or specific fonctions. It’s for that i propose some modification to these cards are more available.

The only thing i say about Pandora it’s Hammer of Acros is too cheating without Baldurion.

The thing is the ideas you provide won’t work. Making Cards you don’t like worse will make only you happy, as vast majority of players do like them how they are and won’t play in new mode. This would mate the whole development process of it waste of time.

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You already do some modification for some cards, why you cant for these ? No prob dude, what do you want

tough talk for someone who asks for a 1v1 and then loses


Go easy on him guys, anyway losing to the best player in Faeria at the moment (according to the last Tournament) isn’t proving much… @Atmaz you should close this (before they begin to compare the size of their sword ) :smiley: