I play to faeria since maybe 3 years i think. I know very well the game and it’s a very good strategy game ! Congrat to devs for your work and to the conceptor to create this board game. Very intelligent !

But since the first extension, you decided to put a lot of cheating cards to let newbies play but it becomes very unfair and strategically annoying.

For that, i’m thinking about a new Hard Mode Ranked. As you can see in every game, we have different level of difficulties.

Rules are to take off all cheating cards or modify stats of them.
And second rule is to play just one same card instead of 3 same card.
I dont have last extension, so i wont talk about last cards.

List of Cheating Cards + Modify :

  • Magda : Before Magda couldnt put Legends Cards in Prismatic. It was fair. So come back to normal.
    -> Take off Prismatic

  • Sharra : Too powerful.
    -> Mode God. We cant increase stats of her

  • Day of Dragons : The same story than Magda.
    -> Take off Prismatic.

  • Hammer of Acros : So unfair, particularly in Pandora. She cost only 3 faeria to damage 5 and come back to your deck. A lot of players use all theirs cards fastly, just to use only Hammer of Acros. They can just in One round damage 10 damage. Too easy
    -> Take off this card.

  • Azure Skywhale : Too many fonctions. It’s more powerfull than a Dragon. But it costs just 6 faeria.
    -> Change stats to 4/4 and charge 2

  • Crystal Flower : Too long.
    -> Change to 3 round, not 5.

  • Emperor Kaios : Too powerfull.
    -> Mode God. We cant increase stats.Change stats to 3/3

  • Frog-Tosser : Too powerful. He can damage 4 and put in a same time a frog in your territory. His cost is just 5 faerias.
    -> Change stats to 2/4

  • Gift of the Rakoa : Too unpredictable. Too easy to use and very powerful.
    -> Take off this card

  • Istanu, Eternal light : Too powerful. Better than a Dragon.
    -> Change stats to 3/5 and charge 2

  • The tree of Everlife : Too powerful. Kill the game. His life is 7. Each round she increase stats to a character to 7/7 and she heal 7 to fortress. Worst card ever. If player protect his totem, the game is finish. Goal of the game is to protect your fortress, not your totem.
    -> change stats to Heal 5, Life to 5 and stats to 5/5.

  • Yakkapult : Too powerful. Same as FrogTosser.
    -> Mode God. We cant increase stats of it.

  • Runnin : Too powerful, pratically the same as Hammer of Acros. Easy to put in game
    -> Change cost to 6 faerias.

Personnally, i dont play anymore with these cards because it’s too easy to play and it’s no more strategic. But when my opponent use these cards and abuse on it, it becomes really annoying.

I know, some players will tell me, we can counter these cards, and i already did it a lot of times, but the game become annoying strategically. Because we are obligated to specify and play just with cards they can counter these cards and dont develop others strategy because too powerful.

So, with new Hard Mode Ranked, it will change all game, specially with the rule to forbid to take more than one same card. With that, player have to think his moves like in Chest, Go or Shogi. It becomes more intellectual.

But when i take only cards like red cards given damages directly to the fortress multiply by 3. I dont have to think, just attack and it’s very easy to win like that.

So the new Mode give to player to think related to opponent and think about each card how it can use intelligently, and prepare his next moves.
It’s harder but very funnier than play with always same easy cards, just to win rank.

– Dont forget, the goal of a game is not to win but to enjoy first of all. And we cannot enjoy if we dont learn and still play in the same way –

So it’s my request. I think, you’ll have more players because i know some friends, they stopped to play faeria because of cheating cards.

this is the dumbest ■■■■ i’ve ever seen

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Too intelligent for you, you mean ?
Explain you boy. Tell me what is dumb please ?

I’m seeing how do you play in youtube Werfs, and you tell me what i say is dumb ? aah ah ah You’re really a funny guy ! Your moves are too predictables. You just put videos against newbies. So funny really ! Rip off Werfs !

And please little boy, change your music, i think it’s because of that, you play as a ■■■■

  1. Most of cards in your list are never played in recent tournament. (Magda, Sharra, Day of Dragons… etc.)
    If they are really cheating cards, you should find it during tournament easily.
  2. I’ve never seen your name in ladder top 25 or tournament top 4.
    This implies you didn’t spend enough time to play Faeria or you are not an intelligent(great) player.
    In both cases, you don’t know well about the balance, but you are tending to understand more than other ppl.
  3. Making new game mode is not a good idea in this tiny player base game because tiny players are splitted and disappeared.
  1. I dont talk about tournament but Battle Ranked, but cool if players in tournament dont do that. It miss the rule about only one same card and you’ll be a pro !

  2. Normal, i was ranked 1 or 2 year ago but i stopped because of cheating players, and because i lost rank without fighting. And I never participate to a tournament but for the first time you 'll see me saturday. But i play Faeria since a long time, i play particularly in Pandora, because its less cheating than battle. But it’s not ranked, that’s the problem

  3. It’s sure if you do anything you cant have nothing. I know board game, and Faeria is a good one, with a good potential, really good. If they want, they can go very far with this game and have a lot of players, but they have to change some things.

Hey !
Really cool article !

I don’t know if you are trolling or if it’s your real point of vue, but in both case that is cool suggetions.
Off course, balance you are asking for are not good at all for constructed game, but i can easily admit that in Pandora (iI guess you are a pandora player?) all this cards can be ennoying. Maybe just remove few cards from pandora mode can be a good point to inscrease the fun of it. (But i don’t play pandora, so we should ask top pandora players).

For now, if you are not trolling, i can only suggest you to try to “take in” all this cards you mention in your paradigm instead of banning them from your ideal game. I know it’s hard, especially when we want things to change or balance to come, but it’s the best way to continue enjoying the game in my opinion !

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If you want to continue to play like that, you can. That’s not a problem because what i propose is about a new level of battle, a harder one. So everybody have fun with this system and it’s not complicated for devs to take off cards.

Pandora is good mode but not ranked. That’s the problem. I like to play against very good player in ranked mode. And i’m not the only one to say battle mode is cheated.


First, I need to ask you to not use the word “cheating” that much, it has a stronger meaning than that.

Then you are pretentious to attack the way Werfs is playing when is known as a Yak (even if he’s still a baby). Prove yourself then we might talk about this.

Could you also explain me what’s the point of asking for changes in a game mode you don’t play?
Also you might know that tournament decks and ranked decks are related. Not seeing any of those cards in tournament might be an indicator of their powerlevel.

For the changes:
You want changes for cards that didn’t see plays for years (Hey Sharra!), you miss some that are known to be at least close to overpowered (Garudan:dragon:) and it’s either kill the card or reverse a previous buff.

For the singleton rule: loosing the consistency of 3-of might not be what you are trying to achieve if you want a more strategic game mode.

I would prefer a 30-maceman mode to test the real skill of players without any of those filthy cards with text on them.



My name is Yosh, i have been bad at this game since they made it pay to play the first time.
The idea of a hard mode where all the dumb cards i usually always lose to are banned sounds interesting to me, but i want to theory craft for a bit there.
What deck will you play in this new mode? I would play yaks. They are my favourite tribe! Too bad my opponents don’t wanna get landblocked and always get to 10 lands to play their pesky trees and whales :c
I just want to see my yaks be happy on the game board, no need to kill them and punch me in the face ><

Hi Away !

I’m not the only one to say “cheating” for these cards. Call a cat, a cat.

ah ah Weird is a Yak ? ah ah He’s not human, that’s why he listen this kind of music, i understand now.

You didnt read what i wrote dude. If i dont play anymore in a battle mode it’s because of what i said about this ah ah It’s too difficult to understand ?
I already was ranked 1 year before, i already proved what i am. I developped a lot of strategies some players copied after. But when you see players ranked play as a newbies who still play same cards, you can not say they’re good players just because they re ranked. Still play same things is too easy.

You dont understand what i say about cheating cards. Yes it’s true, we can kill them but it’s too easy to use it for opponent. Me, if i use these cards, i can win very easily the game. That’s what i’m saying. Cards must be regular. It’s for that i said they’re cheated, you understand now ?

What is 30 Maceman mode ?

Hi, I’m a long time Faeria player and I recently won a Seasonal Cup.
Without cheat cards I couldn’t have done that.
I am all in favor of keeping cheat cards in the game, so I can win more money.
They are actually good for the game.

Everybody should have the possibility to be a winner sometimes :slight_smile:
Thank you for understanding.


Well Baba,
Call a cat, a cat: Cheating is playing out of the bounds of the rulesof the game, so you and your folks are missusing it.
Well I’m reading you and you say that you prove yourself by going to rank 1 but it means nothing because you played as a newbie without changing your deck. And I agree! even low god rank means nothing.

You’re playing with the same card pool than you opponent, if you both play with them, it would be balanced. If you play with less cards, do you agree that it means you’re not as smart has him?

30 Maceman is the game mode that you ask every cards would have the same powerlevel.

ah ah You can be proud for your Honesty ! Congrats boy !

And i’m agree with you. It’s for that i said to put a new level of battle. Like that, you can continue to play in your mode without problem. And why not put Tournament level too. Easy Tournament and Hard Tournament ? It will be very nice !

Hey again,

Sorry it feel’s i’m a bit insisted on that but… Are you trolling?
Like, i never saw you #1.
Or maybe you changed your name?
Are you LittleNooby ? :open_mouth:
Maybe Masaka ?
Maybe Utoko ?

It feel like you are protecting yourself behind a “If” to ignore the reality.
“If i’m using this ope cards, i would win everything…”
This is something human usually do when they are afraid to see the reality.
“Alfred Adler” put this behavior in evidence and can be considered as a pathology.

Once again, the best i can teach you is to accept using the cards.
While using the cards, you will realize that your belief was wrong, and if you were not wrong, that mean you will really win everyting, so just go for it, no reason to stay in a “If i use them…” situation.

What decks would you play in Hard tournament? I want to play this format right now

I never said i was rank 1, i said i already be ranked … 1 year ago.

I said “If” because i dont play anymore with these cards, but i already test it and it’s very easy to win with. It’s not theory. I cant say something i didnt try before. And i dont have fun to play with cheating cards.

Accept something, it’s not teaching but submission. If you like that, its not a problem but keep it for you please.
Teaching is learn something new. It’s for that i want to upgrade level of the game. So i teach you a new way. Dont thanks me, it’s a pleasure for me.

My bad i miss unserstood you.

Yes thanks for your point of vue, it’s cool.
And you are right i wanted to say submission yes but my english is bad sorry.

But just try to put yourself in our side :
A casual player want a more difficult game mode. It’s absurd, why not trying to progress in the “easy” mode ? Maybe when you will achieve something, tourney, money, top ladder or i don’t know anything, it will be legit to argue that the actual game mode is too easy.
While difficulty of a online game isn’t in the cards usable, but in the level of your opponents, it don’t really make sense to say it will be “harder” with less cards.

ah ah it’s what i was saying, you have some problem with your english. But no problem, i’m here to rectify it :wink:

I say to you i already play in battle mode until be ranked but it’s not funny and still play in the same way is very annoying. I dont have time to loose just to prove you something.

Dont change my words, i say it will be harder without cheating cards or modifying them. And if you take just one same card, it’s harder too. Try it, you’ll see. I teach you something


So you played constructed and you don’t liked it.
Nobody force you to play “in the same way”. Go create more decks it can only be healthy for the game. I don’t want you to prove anything, I give you 1% chance to reach a top4 in an offical tourney.
It’s not because i think you are bad, it’s because the average for a random player to go to top4 is ≈5%. Even best players don’t have more than 10% (exept Sunekichi cause he’s ope).
The idea was more to prove to yourself that even with “ope cards” you can’t beat other players easily.

I don’t change your words but as I said, even without your “top” cards, it’s not harder or different for anybody to win.

Well, after thinking a bit, i think youare right. But a bit late.
Yes a bit late, everybody is already playing this “hard mode”.
Look last SeasonCup, all players was respecting the rule to not play anyof your “ope” cards !