New in-game deck zone

Well… going straight to the point i can tell i like the new card back display at the matches, however, i do think that the hiden land counter isn’t practical, i do rather don’t need to point my cursor at the display to show how much of each land i have. Apart from that, i think it was a prety good and weel done idea.

Someone agree? :v

Edit: And i think that hiding the land counting is bad either for mobiles and for tournament and stream watchers.

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I’d like if at least the land counting is always visible.

Exactly the point, i think is a lot usefull keep it down below the faeria counting

I agree, the old layout was better.

While I like the idea to have an option to see your card back somewhere, I’d always prefer to have actually helpful information instead. Personally, I’d always keep my card back hidden and let the counters show up instead. Very often, the card back won’t fit with the background, so it becomes a rather disturbing experience. And the background is much more beautiful than any cardback introduced so far. :wink:

Hovering over the cardback to see your deck-, hand- and landcount is a very bad idea imo. Those are informations that should be visible at all times, especially the land counter. The cardback appears to be quite big and at times even a bit distracting.

I also don’t think the hidden-hovering-over-it way is practical for a mobile version either. In a mobile version, I only have a touch screen. That way, I need to hold my finger down on my card back while considering what to play next. This would really annoy me.

I understand that some players might want a more simple UI with fewer information. That’s fine. You can implement this like the old landcounter, you could choose to (permanently) hide in your options.

  • Give players the option to hide any of the 3 counters seperatly in the option’s menu (a checkbox for every counter).
  • Let them also choose wether they want the counter to show up, whenever they hover over a specific place of the UI, or whether they want to keep it hidden completely.
  • Give the option to hide your cardback. Sure, some players may find it nice to always be able to see it. Others (like me) might prefer to keep it hidden.
  • All counters should be permanently visible by default, though. They really help a lot!

Yeah, that’s even better, but they anounced recently that will be some changes on the UI layout… lets wait and see what they come with =D

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