New Leveling Rewards

Hey. So about the new leveling reward system for patch 0.9: Are there no longer free bonus packs awarded at all? I mean I only started yesterday, but if I’m not mistaken, it used to be that you’d get a free booster for every level up till level 30, with some other rewards thrown in on certain thresholds. I understand that since you can now level infinitely, it’d be unreasonable to have players get boosters for every level, but the “feel” of leveling just doesn’t feel very good right now. I mean for example: In the old system you get 3 Pandora coins at level 5 and some Avatars at later points with some gold mixed in. I just reached level 5 and now we only seem to get 1 free Pandora coin and (when they fix it) our choice of 1 free card that we don’t have a full set of. Now, I’m not an expert, but I’m fairly certain that grinding to level 30 and getting 30 boosters was a waaaay better deal than picking 1 measly card per level (most of which will probably just be a choice between 3 commons) in terms of time invested versus reward gained. Sure you can grind out more cards in the long run, but it’s not very engaging from a new player standpoint. A booster is guaranteed at the very least 4 commons and a rare. Using basic math, you can calculate that after 30 boosters you’d open 150 cards with fairly OK odds of getting a few epics and legendaries. This is not counting the packs that you could buy with the ~1750 gold rewarded from the pre-patch system. So basically, we have to grind out a full 150 levels to be able to almost be on par with the old system. I say almost because I highly doubt the odds of getting to chose between 3 legendaries or even epics will be happen often during the grind to level 100, if it’s randomized at all. Coupled with the fact that apparently we get less gold from quests and Gold Fountains, means that card acquisition will be much much slower than in the past. Sure, we get can get Mythic cards from packs and we can re-roll our highest rarity cards now, but I doubt it’d make up for the value we lost overall. Of course, I’m “only” level 5 right, now and maybe there’ll be more generous rewards for later levels, but my first impressions aren’t exactly stellar.

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Yes and no.
Yes, because as a new player it will feel and be slower at the beginning now - which I really dislike by the way, especially considering the pack/level was removed AND the gold rewards for dailies were reduced.

No, because the later grind will be way faster. At the point where you have 3 copies of almost each common and most of the rares, you’ll basically seek to get your hands on those missing rares and epics. The option to reroll cards and to choose from 3 cards you’re guaranteed not to have 3 copies of, is a huge tempo boost in this regard. Rerolling is almost the same as opening a second pack. Choosing one of 3 cards is even better; that is, if rares and epics are presented frequently enough. I’d like some clarification on this, though: Is the rarity set in stone for each level or randomized?