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Since I had started my adventure and rank-climbing in Faeria, I had some mechanics in mind that would be really good in Faeria. Going with it for months, I felt like it was just too early to write them down. Then on Discord and on Stream chats I’ve found out that people have mostly the same ideas as me to innovate the game further. These are just merely suggestions, and I post them to argue about them and complete them with your own ideas, since it’s still an early stage of the game, and maybe we could help the devs with this as well.

  • First off, I’ve heard that many people, including me as well, want a Graveyard mechanic in the game. I mean a place where cards go to, and you could revive them, or some of the effects/summoning conditions would depend on cards which are in your Graveyard.

  • Second would be a ‘Trap Mechanic’. There would be Trap Cards, which you could place it on tiles, and when the requirements are met, the trap would activate on that tile.

  • Third, a searching mechanic. I mean cards which have Gifts/Last Words like “search a card from your deck” or “add a random xy card into your hand from YOUR DECK” and not from thin air. This would make things more consistent in my opinion.

  • And last, but not least, a little farfetched idea, an Extra Deck. From the Extra Deck you could summon creatures with harder summoning conditions, like fusing two cards together, or sacrificing cards with a given Faeria cost, etc. This could open more strategies and more chance for counterplay against snowballing.

So for the first time these are the ideas that came into conversations many times in Discord and Stream chats. Please feel free to react to these ideas, to argue about them an suggest new things. And if you’re against innovation please share your views too.

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  • Graveyard would be cool, if only to be able to track what cards have already been played.
  • About traps, to be fair it would have to be something like : put on a free tile, the first creature to step on it triggers the effect, or maybe trigger if a creature meets a condition (like Choking Sands as a trap). But I’m unsure of how to balance these. Obviously, it would need to have a strong effect as it’s easy to dodge a single trapped tile. Or maybe, the trap is on more than one tile ?
  • Searching (or tutoring) makes more sense in 60-cards decks, like in Magic, than in 30-cards, like here. At least, that’s my opinion.
  • I don’t understand the concept of Extra Deck. May you give an example of how it would work ? You mention the fusion : like in Yu-Gi-Oh ?
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Yea traps would be easy to avoid, but what if the opponent couldn’t see the trap? Or as you’ve said the traps would occupy more tiles than one.

Well searching (tutoring) would help getting a desired card faster, a good argument in my opinion was that if someone wants to make a Ruunin deck for example, he could do that by searching, getting it randomly from his/her own deck, relying on Ruunin, not just hoping he would draw her sometimes. And it would allow people to build the deck around more situational combos. For another example, today I’ve encountered many Sefiers. I didn’t have removals in my hand, only creatures, and had like 3-4 creatures close to Seifer. In that scenario, my fate is almost 100% since the game snowballs so hard, it’s impossible to beat a fed Seifer for example, except maybe with Last Nightmare, or Meteor, but I didn’t have those in the deck. Searching (tutoring) would create an option for players with similar situations in my opinion.

Yea, the concept of the Extra Deck would be similar to YGO’s, but more “narrow-minded”. Imagine, let’s say a Rainforest Drake, which would have a good effect, has 4 Faeria Cost, and needs 2 Forests and 2 Lakes to summon, but from your Extra Deck. More on that, it would need a sacrifice, or a trigger-card, (like the Fusion cards in YGO). For example a Green Creature with 4 Faeria cost and a Blue Creature with 4 Faeria cost would be needed to be sacrificed and 4 Faeria to be paid in order to summon Rainforest Drake. Or with a trigger-card which’s effect would be “Sacrifice a Green Creature and a Blue creature to summon Rainforest Drake from your Extra Deck.” or “Sacrifice the summoning conditions of one card from your Extra Deck, pay its Faeria cost, and summon it to the field.” But as I’ve said it’s a farfetched idea, would need optimizing to Faeria, however I think it would create a more-layered gameplay, and more consistent strategies. And of course it would need thinking on it, so it wouldn’t break the game.

I hope it made sense, I’m studying for a test as well, and I’m pretty tired. :smiley:

I would love some kind of card that affect my opponents hand.

Nice idea, @J0k3se!

With a little bit of balancing I could imagine these mechanics, would really give an edge for some decks. This could lead to some milling strategies as well. I’m thinking on some card with Last Words: Destroy the top 2 cards of your opponent’s deck, etc.

Btw, how did you make these cards? Is there an application for it, or just photoshop? :smiley:

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