New Patch Disenchanting Refund

Just curious why Radiance isn’t allowed to be disenchanted for the full refund after getting nerfed?

The devs have been pretty clear that they only offer Full Disenchant Values for changes that are either a clear nerf, or a huge rework in what the card does. Some of the changes made this patch will be nerfs to some decks, but the devs believe it is overall a buff or at least a power-neutral change. Obviously, they feel that way about Radiance. Doomgate is another card that received nerfs as well as buffs this patch but isn’t eligible for Full Disenchant - again, the devs feel the change is an overall buff.

There is probably a good argument to be made that some of these changes are nerfs, but offering Full Disenchant Values makes it easier for people to get the cards they want without paying money, so being overly generous with the Full Disenchants hurts the profitability of the game. I guess it’s a tight balance they have to walk between fairness and practicality.

I guess that makes sense. It just feels like the removal of slam was a huge nerf. Oak Father had slam removed and a small buff yet that is still able to get the full refund. By the time we’re able to play Radiance the new gift buff isn’t really going to matter much since most likely you won’t have that many cards in hand to profit from it. I do agree the devs have been very generous which makes the new player experience very good compared to other games.