New Player - Couple Questions


Just discovered this game last night and really enjoyng it! Love the playstyle and game modes, especially the puzzles.

I have a couple questions I hope yall can help with :).

First, I have a daily quest called “Practice Pandora”. It says “Play a Practice Run”. Now I tried a “Practice” match in the deckbuilder screen but that did not give me credit. What is a practice run and how can I complete this quest?

How long has Faeria been in development? I’m looking to find a card game I can stay with for a long time (recently fed up with Hex due the resource system in that game) and i’m wondering about the future prospects of Faeria :).

In the main menu, click “Pandora” and use a practice coin to start your practice Pandora run.

The game is set to leave early access early this year (2017).

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To elaborate on the answer to your second question, the devs have previously said full release would be approximately by the end of this month. So it should be within the next few months.
Early access started on Feb 18 2016
Depending on what you consider as being in development, work started on the game either in 2005 or 2013. So a long time either way.

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Welcome to Faeria!

I am not sure, but I can imagine you have to complete the practice-pandora-run before the quest is completed :slight_smile:

I am also a big fan of the puzzles! I love them so much that I created my own puzzles on youtube :smiley: If you search for “Faeria Spot Lethal” on youtube you should find them!

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