New Player Deck Suggestions

Hey guys, so i’m a completely new player, literally downloaded the game like Thursday of last week. I’ve been doing mostly single player missions and what not to gain some cards and chests etc. and i’m already level 14. anyway, I’ve managed to scrape some legendaries together, especially in blue, from chests and things and I have made my first deck that I have been trying in ranked, it’s a mono blue deck and sort of on the control end of the archetype spectrum. Anyway, I have had some success with it, I haven’t lost with it yet but I am only at rank 19 so, but I just wanted to post the deck and ask you guys if you all have any suggestions for cards I should add or craft for the deck, i’m close to level 15 so I’ll be able to craft epic cards. Here’s the deck, thanks in advance!

Hold the line x1
Fortune hunter x1
Healing song x1
Punishment x1
Shadow silk Faerie x1
Laya lady of sorrows x1
Kaios demented overmind x1
Spell whirl x1
Sturdy shell x1
Triton sanctuary x2
GaBrian enchantment x1
Darkstalker x1
Auroras disciple x2
Gabrian commander x1
Humbling vision x2
Lore thief x1
Water elemental x1
Gabrian cistern x1
Aurora myth maker x1
Frogify x2
Tyranax x1
Monstrous hydra x1
Mirror phantasm x1
Barry the first wave x1
Orosei dream of the deep x1

Rules of decbuilding:

At least 2 copies of every non-legendary card, to maximise chances of drawing them.
Keep within the archetype as much as possible - yours is blue enchantment/blue events. There’s an archetypes guide on this site if you are interested.
If one card is requires more lands than any of the others, only keep it in if you have a good reason to.
If the card has a special requirement, make sure it will be met. No point using Gabrian commander if you only have 3 cards costing 7 or higher!
Try to have creatures of different costs and power levels when possible
I personally try to avoid cards with Aquatic (too inflexible) or random effects (unpredictable)

Here’s my suggestion for your deck, taking these rules into account. I’m by no means a master deckbuilder but I tried my best and had fun :slight_smile:

Fortune hunter x2
Triton sanctuary x2
GaBrian enchantment x2
Darkstalker x2
Auroras disciple x2
Humbling vision x2
Spring Mochi x2
Water elemental x2
Aurora myth maker x1
Frogify x2
Tyranax x2
Ancient Herald x 2
Wavecrash colossus x 2
Barry the first wave x1


Thanks man, I appreciate the help, your suggestions made it a lot more functional and fun