New player feed back regard the speed ofthe game . (rush)

HI New player made it to level 19 and I just finished my first lane of solo and even playing the ai this game feel to fast at least for my taste. I can only imagine what it would be like playing against one of the human piloted “rush” decks I have read about. Most likely I would not find it enjoyable.

Some of those matches I felt were way harder than really necessary. It took me several tries to me beat a few of them.

2 that come to mind I found the most annoying so far was the Sharra rush and the deck destroyed one was worse than that because of the added timer of damage very turn form having no cards.

You (the devs) have gone and created an amazing board and a really interesting game …but it seems to be going to waste if the game is over in just few turns because people are taking “hulk smash approach” and going right down the middle for the face with brute force than taking a more strategic approach

The fact you have programed the npcs to do this as well seems a shame. I’m not sure this game will be right for me in the long run if all games are just a race to see who can make it down the middle the fastest that just seems repetitive , boring and not enjoyable for me personally but I guess time will tell.

This is just a 3 non card changing suggesting I thought up if you ever wanted to consider slowing down the game and making it more strategic.

1.Double the size of the board
2. Reduce neutral ground drop to one with the rest of the land
3 put a donut hole in the center of the board a dead zone ( no movement across of any kind)

Just those three suggestions alone I think would slow down the game enough for it to be a more enjoyable and strategic experience at least imo.

Other wise the concept of the game is unique enjoyable

Have a good day !