New player, help with my deck plz *_*

Hey there, just started playing the game, its so much fun I really want to get into it.
Have a blue event deck that I made based around snowstorm lancer and auroras disciple, any tips on what I can improve, excluding legendary. THNX :-*

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Campfires instead of Water Elementals

Depends a bit on what you want to achieve though - it looks like an odd mixture of Blue Event and Blue Jump.

Triton Warriors and Mystic Beasts are key components into Blue Jump, backed by Wavecrash Colossus as your wincondition. However, both Aurora Disciple and Snowstorm Lancer are a bit out of place in such a list, as well as Lore Thief, and you probably want to remove these. Wavecrash Colossus would be your wincondition. Safeguard and Falcon Dive are not ideal in Blue Jump either, though, but you can use the latter until you get enough Emperor’s Commands.
You may want to consider crafting Aurora Mythmaker ASAP too considering how useful she is in Blue Jump.
Look up some decklists - Blue Jump has definately been a meta staple for ages.

If you want to go for an Eventbased approach instead, you should definately remove the Water Elementals. Instead, add Outland Rangers, which would be useful in such a decklist. Campfires may also be worth squeezing in, and try Emperor’s Command instead of Falcon Dive if you can.
Again - Aurora Mythmaker is useful, and while she is a Legendary, you probably want to craft her.

Thanks for the feedback, usually I just look up youtube videos on gameplay to get a feel for deck types, but barely any youtubers play faeria, i found like 2, and they dont have many recent videos on faeria, its such a shame, the game is really awesome.

I’ll update my list and post it back on here :wink:

Dude, its B Events not B Jump

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Yeah, but I do think Blue Jump is a more effective deck.

That, and you know what I’m like past midnight >_> .

Water elemental is out of place there… Wavecrash Colossus maybe? Or at least Triton warrior?

I think you need an extra “Swing” card… Something you can crush your oponent’s board with, which is why I said Colossus, but then again, if you want Blue events, it might be best to look for Outland Rangers, as they are free campfires + 3/2 body.

Syland Horsemaster is also a thought, although you have Jumps, your disciples are still slow blockheads, Horsemaster might give them that necessary “Vroom, vroom!”

Alternatively, you could chip away all the Water Elementals and fill in the 3 cards you don’t have 3 of - Falcon Dive, Safeguard and Frogify, that is.

It all boils down to what do you want your deck to do, and once you know more of the cards, you’ll get better ideas yourself, so we can’t 100% help you :stuck_out_tongue: