New player looking for help with quests and Pandora mode

Just downloaded the game yesterday, went through the solo mode which I enjoyed a lot, however not sure if the ordering of how things pop up is correct. For example, before it thought me all basic game mechanics the play a Pandora run quest came up, which I found strange as there were mechanics I didn’t see yet when I played there.

Also, as I finished all the puzzles the solve 10 puzzles quest came up. Now how can I complete that? there are 7 more left in the 3rd lane I can buy for 4,500g/500 gems. Wish the game leaded new players through the quests better.

So about Pandora mode, is there a strategy to follow when drafting the deck? My first run was an okay green deck with decent minions and legendaries. The second one, green was locked so I went for yellow and red ended up with a garbage deck.

Overall, Faeria looks like a really innovative & refreshing game to play, looking forward to upcoming adventure.

That’s a bit rough with the puzzle quest, but I guess the game threw you into Pandora because it’s a good secondary place to learn, since it doesn’t require a collection and you get a practice coin every day.

As for drafting a deck for Pandora, try to decide on a gameplan in the first few cards and stick with it as best you can for the rest of the draft. Here are some things to factor into your plan:

  • You’re unlikely to get all of the cards you want, so avoid making plans that have a complicated win condition, for which you might not be able to draft the remaining cards

  • You’re less likely to find an Epic or Legendary that you want for your deck than a Common or a Rare

  • Wells dry up when Pandora opens and you start getting 5 Faeria per turn instead of 3, so it’s generally best to avoid cards that revolve around Faeria collection in the mid to late game or focus too much on controlling wells that won’t matter

  • A lot more people play Green in Pandora, because of the consistency of its card pool in respect to the first two points, so it’s good to keep that in mind when you draft your deck