New player need some advice!

Hi everyone !

So I’m a new player, I’ve started this game a few days ago. So far, with the very limited card collection that I have, I’ve been able to build some kind of aggressive yellow deck that is working pretty well (got to rank 10 tonight with it).

To change from this gameplay/color, and since I opened Ruunin and Seifer, I’ve decided to try to build a green/red kind of mindrangy deck to play them both.

This is what I came up with :

x3 Elderwood Hermit
x2 Elderwood Embrace (got only 2)
x2 Living Willow
x3 Tiki Caretaker
x3 Ancient Beastmaster
x3 Ancient Boar
x2 Groove Guardian
x1 Ruunin
x3 Flame Burst
x2 Firebomb
x2 Grim Guard
x2 Blazing Salamander
x1 Seifer
x1 Crackthorn Beast (only got 1 :frowning: )

I know it could be hard to give me some advice since you don’t know the cards I have or not, but does it look at least ok at first glence ? I was thinking about some Sagami Warriors instead of the Willows but they don’t synergize with Beastmaster/Boar. Any suggestions ? Thx a lot for any comment ! Peace

ps : I don’t have any green or red elemental, but if I open them could they be interesting ?

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Wood and fire elementals could help accelerate the pace of this deck. Personally, I think it’s a decent build. Obviously, as you play it and gather more cards, you’ll get a good knowledge of what cards are more useful and which aren’t. One suggestion I have is to replace the salamanders with an extra flame burst and an extra grim guard. Blazing salamanders are generally too situational. If you get them, bomb slingers deal a bit more damage. Otherwise, good job getting to rank 10. Always happy to have new players!

Thanks for your answer ! Yeah indeed, Blazing Salamanders have been pretty disapointing, it felt like a great card on paper but I’m never able to utilize them and they end up being dead cards in hand very often. I’ll replace them with Bomb Slingers as you advice or Groundshaker maybe, depending on which one I’ll open first :smiley:

I’ve played a few over game with this and the Elderwood Hermits don’t seem that good in the end. I’ll try Sagame Warriors instead and see how it goes !

I have another question but I don’t want to create another thread just for that. I saw that you get rewards at the end of the season depending on your ladder rank, is it the highest you’ve reached that counts like in Hearthstone or is it the specific rank you have at the end of the season ?

Ground shakers are a great idea and are in fact one of the most used cards currently in the ladder meta.

The specific rank. So if you achieved God rank, but dropped down to rank 2 just before the reset, you’ll be counted as in the rank 2 bracket instead of in God rank.

Alright, thanks a lot for your answers :slight_smile:

Vaalhallan gets it wrong. Rewards are based on highest rank achieved, and you can’t drop from God to rank 2, much like you can’t drop from rank n to rank n+1 when n is a multiple of 5.

My mistake. Thank you for correcting me

I like to think of decks as belonging to a certain “type” or “play-style”. The one you have seems to lean towards what I call “Crackthorn Buff and Burn”. Therefore, you could remove Ruunin, which is more at home in a Sacrifice deck. Craft an additional Elderwood Embrace instead.

Elderwood Hermit is a slightly better fit, but is also more of a Sacrifice creature. As previous replies have suggested, you might be better off replacing hermits with Wood Elementals - additional taunts, land generation and buffable with Embrace to 4/8! Don’t bother putting fire elementals in this deck - their super-low life makes them vulnerable to Seifer’s Wrath. Don’t forget all elementals are common, so cheap to craft!

Seifer is great, but situational and rather hard to play. If you ever find him difficult, put in an additional Grim Guard in his place. Otherwise, congratulations on a decent deck and some of the best Legendaries!

Hope this helps

Thank you a lot for this detailed answer !

Noted for the Fire Elementals, not worth because of the 2 health. Wood Elementals seem really nice indeed, especially when trying to reach 3 forests and 3 mountains. I don’t really want to craft common cards yet though, even if they are really cheap. Third Embrace is ofc going to join his friends as soon as I open it !

Same goes for Grim Guard, I don’t have the third one yet but I’ll consider it once I’ll have it !

By the way, I just opened the Green Dragon this afternoon (sorry don’t remember his name). Could he have a place in this deck ?

Thank you again for all the answers guys, it really help getting into the game ! :smiley:

The green dragon is Tethra. Best used to buff whatever’s closest to the orb, but can buff itself as well, to 11/11. A buffed Seifer would be unstoppable! Definitely replace Ruunin with that. Ruunin is more efficient with Feed the Forest.

Don’t be afraid to craft cards, even if they are common. Having 3 copies of a card in a deck maximizes the chances of drawing it. That’s why there are so many decks with no Legendaries at all, but 3 copies of every card. Crackthorn has won more matches for me than any Legendary, simply because you can run 3 copies.

I can see the buffed Seifer from here <3 I’ll try to replace Ruunin by Tethra then and see how it goes. Best way to see if it fits or not is to try I guess !

I can see how having 3 copies of a card is very strong. It feels wrong though to craft commons that I could open “easely” later and thus losing dust. I’d rather save my dust for epics, like the Crackthorn, Choking Sand for my Yellow deck or Soul Eater that carried my first Pandora run and that I would like to play in constructed aswell ! I also still miss quite a few rares for my Yellow deck so… I’ll see. Maybe just the Wood Elementals as they seem to be good in any green deck and chests don’t want me to open some of them anyway.