New player to Faeria

Hello all,

I’m new to the game, and I will look over the information on the Hub and stuff. I did want to ask a quick question, about which type of decks are best for new players?

I see the different color types, and tempo decks. I love control and mid range decks, but I want something good to play and learn the game with.

Any feedback is welcome, and I hope to learn how to play this game soon :slight_smile:

Crackthorn is easy to learn but the deck itself is a bit expensive.

Red combat should be a good choice. There is a balance patch coming out later today so meta will probably change.

Check out luuu90’s and official Faeria youtube channels, lot of good guides there.

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Thanks for the information, and I was able to craft the Crackthorn deck. I had to dust a good amount of the mystic cards I had, but it will be worth it I think.

Also, I had some of the cards in my collection anyway. Even tho I’m new to Faeria, I made my account a while ago, and I did play some of the solo content. That, and I did buy gems so I can get a lot of cards fast, because I don’t mind supporting a great game I really enjoy like Faeria :slight_smile:


Did you get Goki? That’s the best value purchase in game. Aquablad did 2 videos for Crackthorn recently. Make sure you check them out. Yeah, Mythics are really good for disenchanting/crafting.

No. I don’t think I got Goki, and I will double check tonight once I get home. Yep, I watched Aquablad’s Crackthorn videos, and I have won two games in a row last night haha

The deck seems like a lot of fun, and I’m enjoying it so far :slight_smile:

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