New Player with a few questions

Hi everyone I’m new here and sort of new to the game and have a few questions.

I’m level 40, pass most missions pretty easily as I can usually figure out the correct strategy to win. I actually win ranked matches yet I lose most casual matches and am awful at Pandora mode. I like using red and like to harass my opponent dealing direct damage. I usually make my moves straight away but my opponents take their time. Here are my questions.

  1. I shouldn’t be in a rush, should I? Coming from more fast paced games, I’m always in a hurry.
  2. Is who goes first and who gets the bonus random? I always seem to go first yet don’t really want to.
  3. Is Pandora opening random? It never opens on my turn and usually turns the tide against me. I should have won so many games (training) but Pandora usually messes with me.
  4. When I use a green deck (I never use blue or yellow), I like to buff up my cards and attack. Problem is, the game never uses the cards I want and always seems to give me the cards that do the buffing. Am I just unlucky? With red, it never seems to use my cards that do damage when attacked or have taunt. Again, am I just unlucky?

Hopefully I’ll start posting regularly and am enjoying the game but losing in Pandora practice runs (I usually win 1 game and lose me) is a bit frustrating because all the matches I lose, I would have won on the next move.

I am sort of new too, level 47.

  1. No reason to rush. I guess it gives less time for opponent to think on your turn but it doesn’t make any difference for me. Of course, if you take all 60 seconds every turn then it becomes tedious.

  2. As far as I know, yes. You can’t control it anyway. The one going second gets an Explore card (2 faeria and 1 free neutral land) so it’s ok either way.

3.4. Do you mean drafting? or actual gameplay? I think it may be due to a combination of bad luck with card draw and poor drafting decisions.

Try these:


Pandora Gameplay

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Thank you for posting these videos. My Pandora practice runs are still bad but after watching the first video, I decided to try a blue deck in a casual match… and I won. I was mainly a red player but now I can handle red, green and blue… time to start messing with yellow!

Found these in the last week, perhaps even more helpful than the ones linked above.

Cappucino’s Tier List for Pandora for evaluating cards and treasures

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Going first vs second seems to be about 50/50, but I’m not sure what determines that. Regarding questions 1 and 4, you need at least 1 deck of each colour, not counting starter decks. If you always use the same deck and strategy, you will get bored in no time! Below I’d list the main strategies and colours - pick the ones you like:

Rush = making a beeline for the opponent’s orb straight down the middle. Can be Devastatingly effective, but is easy to defend against, and you may die of faeria starvation :slight_smile: Pushing just One of your units towards the opponent’s orb in order to place your own lands either side is Not rush - it’s something everyone tries to do! :slight_smile:
Defensive = placing your lands to create a buffer around your orb. Slows the game down, so is only ever used as a defense against Rush.
Midrange = placing lands down one side of the board, aiming to take control of the Faeria wells on the left or right. Medium-paced strategy, and the one which is most often used by the best players.

The colours:
Neutral - fast, thanks to their ability to use Neutral lands, so they make good rushers. However, their abilities aren’t very powerful and don’t fit any single playstyle, so they are best added to coloured decks for support
Red - experts in direct damage to the opponent’s orb, they don’t even need to come close to start reducing the health!
Green - comprised of tanks and buffers. Can use any strategy, but are slow to deploy
Blue - master manipulators! Land movement, transformation, buffs, debuffs, jumps… Look for Enchantment decks for max effectiveness.
Yellow - their decks come in 2 kinds - Rush (charge/dash/fly) and Sacrifice (destroy your weak units to buff the strong).

Read the Faeria Academy series of articles on the Hub and watch the Faeria YouTube channel for more info.

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I give up on Pandora mode… I’ll just stick to Ranked and Casual as I know exactly what I’m getting. Without all this randomness and Pandora itself interfering, I win on the other modes all the time.

Did you watch the guide xploring has posted above?
May be you should give it another try. Pandora is the most efficient way to complete your collection without spending money