New Puzzle (1 off lethal)

This came up in an actual game in Cappuccino’s stream today. Can you spot the 1 off lethal?


The picture’s a bit fuzzy. The 8:4 just NE of center tile is a Mistral Guide?

If so:

Summon follower north of guide, dash NWx2, attack for 6 (2=followerVgod, 4=2xAviary).
Flash Wind Khalim NWx2, hit god for 7, gets another follower.
Kill Willow with Air Elemental.
Summon 2nd follower north of guide, dash NE to where Willow was.
Kill Bloomsprite with Guide.
Attack god with 2nd follower (using haste) for 6, again.
6+7+6 = 19.

That’s right. 8/4 is Mistral Guide. You got it. :+1:

Play Follower- dash it to to forest (+6 dmg)
Flash wind on Prodigy to mountain (+7 dmg)
Move uo 8/2 and trade with the 2/8
Plays Follower and dash it to the right forest
Move Mistral Guide up and trade with the 2/2
Move and attack with the remaining Follower (+6 dmg+
= 19 dmg

Awesome, well spotted man