New screen animation is killing it for me

the now screen animation is making the game really laggy and its sad to see such a good game being ruined by this feature.

I got a weak comp and were fine before this last update, plz add an option to remove the animations.

Personnally I don’t have any performance issue.
But I think it’s a good idea to allow an option for players to de-activate those animations

I second this.

The animations of the opening screen, whilst nice all by themselves, are causing rather severe lag-issues whenever I play on my tablet. This whilst also adding very little to the game experience. I don’t want to subtract from the work of the artist, but the screen does feels cluttered at times. I’d even say that whilst playing on my stationary computer, I much prefered the cleaner previous version.

If it would be possible to add an option to have a more minimalistic GUI I would very much appreciate it.

I assume you got a better device then me =)

I run it on a cheap laptop :stuck_out_tongue:

Our animators are working on a way to fix this issue for some users. It’s certainly something we consider one of our top priorities right now.

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Thank you for the response Atmaz

Thanks a lot for this patch. On Mac, it has slowed the heating problem - that’s still hard but much easier, thanks !

Nevertheless, when animated screen is disabled, it’s impossible to open boosters while seeing what you get and the whole booster opening animation - think it’s a minor thing.

Thanks again for the patch and sorry for the english :wink: