New Shop Changes

Am I the only one bothered that most of the shop disappeared without warning? The skins, like the cycle of presences, gabrian enchantress, underground boss, king’s guard, and the orbs all disappeared. I know that it’s just cosmetic, but it adds customizability to the game, and it gives you something to look forward to. It also just feels so bland now. Before, the shop was vast and sectioned off. Now it’s tiny, boxed in, and very limited. Am I being unreasonable? Am I missing something? Please, if you respond, try to have a point or focus to your argument.

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I feel like we aren’t seeing the whole shop right now even though it’s still there.

What do you mean? They’re adding it in later?

You can tell that the categories (Orb, Avatar, Well, Card Back) are still there, but we aren’t able to navigate to them. I doubt they removed all but the one item from each category that we can see on the front page.

Alright. I’ll wait and see if they make any changes.

It would make sense if the mosaic of orb, well, avatar, right now aren’t final, but yeah would be nice to know more. I’m also curious about:

  • custom emotes preview - Are custom emotes still a thing?
  • jump to store from profile - There are greyed out options, but there’s no jump to store

The patch notes for 0.96 say that once we reach 1.0, cosmetic pieces will no longer be purchasable with in-game gold. i understand the reason for that change, but i wish it wasn’t happening. in either case, i hope they restore the entire shop before the 1.0 release so that i can buy the cosmetic pieces that i really wanted. does anyone know if they will bring back the full shop before 1.0 release?

Another thing about the shop:

I can’t understand why 5 battle chests cost the same as 5x1 chest…
I think they should cost a bit less in order to motivate players to buy more :wink:

Are you talking about there cost in gems or cost in gold?


A 5-chests pack costs exactly the same as 5x1 chest (either gems or gold).

Aren’t other Battle Chest bundles “cheaper per Chest” ? This is how you make people buy more. Not on small bundles, on bigger ones :smiley:

Then it would make sense for them to bundle the bigger chests for less gems, but not gold. gold is an in-game currency generated by players and doesn’t match to a real world currency, so it doesn’t make them any profit. if they discounted the price in gems however, that would be an even bigger incentive to pay with real money. i totally see your point

Actually, in the shop the only option is to buy a single chest or a 5 bundle (other bundles disappeared with the last update).

And I don’t think that gold shouldn’t be considered for discounts. It’s an in-game “currency”, that’s right. But there are still some players who won’t spend a dime in the game… Still, they talk about it in real life, attract other players and so on.

There’s no discount for buying chests in a bundle because there’s already a discount for buying more than $1 worth of gems at a time. So 5 chests costs 1250 gems, but $5 gets you 1500 gems, enough for six packs.

That said, as a new player, the current shop interface is incredibly confusing, and I would even say it’s straight-up broken. I just assumed the game only had one type of each cosmetic out besides the character bundles since it was still in early access, didn’t even know that others exist. I was also wondering why there was no starter bundle like other similar games tend to have, only to hear after some searching that apparently there is a starter bundle, it’s just impossible to buy it in the new shop interface. It also took me quite a while to find out about the Fountain of Gold, since it’s in the same scrolling window as a bunch of expensive cosmetic bundles.

Ultimately, the goal of a shop interface is to help players find items that they want to buy. Not only does this interface fail to do that, but it actually makes it literally impossible to buy most of the things, which is exactly the opposite of what a shot is supposed to do. It would work well as maybe the front page of the shop, but there should definitely be a way to browse other things. I’ve seen players with cool cosmetics I might be interested in, and I’d love to buy the starter bundle, but the current interface won’t actually let me buy those things. Overall, the current shop isn’t just unfinished, it’s completely broken and fails to do the most important part of a shop: letting players buy things.

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