New Team: Turn^4

I am pleased to announce the birth of a new venture within the Faeria community:

Turn^4 is an effort to combine two aspects of Faeria close to my heart: competitive constructed Faeria play and comprehensive analysis of Faeria strategy and tactics. The name is derived from a recent article I wrote defending the significance of Turn 4 as a pivotal moment in Faeria games. I am establishing this network in order to unite those interested in serious analysis and gameplay (who want reasons rather than feelings) under one banner.

The mandate of Turn^4 is also the establishment of a roster of skilled players willing to help each other succeed in Faeria tournaments. A team environment offers a number of benefits, including practice partners, game reviews, deck-building, and general advice about strategy. If you are looking to get involved in a Faeria Team, consider applying for a roster spot on Turn4. My commitment to the Turn^4 roster includes availability to watch, critique, and analyze ladder games whenever I am online.

For those more interested in advancing Faeria Theory through articles, discussions, and data-gathering, there are a number of projects waiting for you to sink your teeth into. Many players struggle to articulate the reasons for their in-game decisions. I believe there is a lot of value to be gained in producing data and analysis which goes beyond the intuition and is fixed in logic and reasoning. Many of you are looking for comprehensive feedback on just such a project. Look no further.

For the rest: those already committed to another team or uninterested in dense theoretical discussions, I hope you will see Turn^4 as a useful resource; a place to stop in from time to time to see the latest video testing Tarum with Jump or a spot to take in an article on Ideal Tempo Plays. Either way, all are welcome. You can find out more by checking out the Turn^4 discord, or PMing zaldinfox:

Update (June 27, 2017):

I wanted to take a moment to announce the core Roster for Turn4


Both Alvar and HolyLotus qualified for the monthly cup (congratulations to you both!) through the June 24th qualifier. In addition to this, Turn4 has made a strong showing on ladder this month, with Alvar maintaining his #3 spot, and zaldin and pseudo in good position to strike (#22 and #25 respectively as of this post).

I will be taking steps to grow the roster even further in July; if you are interested in being considered for a Roster position within Turn4, please PM me.

Go Turn4!!!


twitter: @turn4faeria


streams: Twitch

Cheers ~Zfox


Welcome Team Turn^4

Core roster announced for Team Turn^4

Gl guys, nice to see a new team !