New to multiplayer here - question

Is there a way when I battle (constructed) to only play players with the base set of cards and none of the expansion cards? I don’t really want to worry about the new cards yet. Still working on the older ones.

I know Pandora is draft and a different beast, and I like that too. Constructed is also interesting but some of the new cards are wham, bam, thanks for playing, ma’am.

I think it’s more likely to pair you up vs someone at lower ranks if you’re playing at a low rank, over playing casual. You could visit the discord and ask around to see if there’s anyone that would want to play some budget lists in private matches vs you :3.

The general advice is to get the solo mission packs finished first, and then save up for oversky or play pandora(or both and just do practice runs, since you can get 1/3 of a pandora coin that’s worth about 667 gold!)

Thanks. I’ve done all the free solo stuff. I keep playing solo and saving my dust from disenchants. I’m patient. I will complete most of my card collection over time without spending too much, though I’ve put $50 into the game since I started playing six months ago or so.

I really just want to master the basic deck before I worry about expansion cards. When I play constructed now, though, I have to play against expansion cards and I’d prefer not to.

It’s cool, though. I’ll keep away from constructed and play against the AI and play practice Pandora against players. I do ok in that. I typically go 2-2 so I fall one win short of getting that 1/3 shard.

… It is an interesting preference. I have not considered any detailed analysis, but I would imagine the expansion cards have quite good value in comparison to basic deck, even many epics. In my opinion that is why you see them if you play, due to their cost performance. Your preference brings up other questions for me:

  • Are World Bosses restricted to basic decks?
  • Would experienced players populate / participate in a PvP training arena mode, for example where players higher than level XX (50?) must use one of the 4 beginner decks? What if the winner could pick their reward, dust vs gold, for example? …either way, higher level player gets a gratuity gold

Marech 's experience may be shared with other “new since Oversky” players, worth understanding better I think. And an in-game solution has advantage of drawing in more casual players

Have fun