No egg?

I was in the stream since the beginning. As “goldenboy” accounts are linked and everything. So far no egg.

Note: I did restart the stream a few times because it crashed on me when I tried downloading the recent update.

Same here. I’m actually a little worried because i accidentally closed it once - does that mean I don’t get the full reward? Also, its now just streaming with no chat. Really hope I get something for watching this 2 hour commercial today


Same here. I’m a little sad that it they convey it as a thing you have to watch to have a chance to win something. Instead they should have made it so everyone gets something as a token of their gratitude.
The way they make it is more like watching a long commcercial for a chance to win something.

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The post said 2 hours of watching = egg.

30 hours into the game and I dont even know how I would know if I got one lol
Where can I see that?

Look at your avatars.

Nothing there. Do you happen to know what those numbers under the avatars mean? Like 5/5, 0/6 ??
How would anyone know that stuff anyway?

Dont know about then numbers. But if there isnt an egg there it means you didnt get egg yet. Meaning we were being lied to. I think eggbot 2.0 is bugged and they will probably apologize soon and give us the egg tomorow maybe… I hope.

I just got 80 shards though. But I was promised an egg :confused:

UPDATE! I got the egg. I got the egg. Issue resolved.

I got 80 shards and an Egg!

yeah I got it too

It says on the website here

Due to popular demand, we have added a guaranteed prize to those who have watched over a certain amount of time, to smooth over that rotten empty Egg feeling. The rest of the prizes are given at random.

There will be Monthly Cups so you have in theory 12 changes to get an egg. Also based on the wording it appears there will be other approved egg streams going on which further increase your chances.

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So from what I gather you earn an egg from watching the stream for a certain period. Then you have to wait for it to hatch. How do you see if you have an egg?

I had the stream on all day this morning and so far haven’t received any notification.

I was watching the streaming from 5pm to 6:15pm and then from 21pm to the end at 23pm, a sum of 3hours 15 minutes aprox. and no egg nor chest nor gold. :sweat:

You have to watch it in one go. If you stop the stream (effectively quitting the viewers list, even for a short time), the counter restart from 0.

!egg :grin:

I also have recieved nothing. I linked my twitch account with my hub account. I was online on faeriatv from the 8:00 am (because I had to go to work for all the day) to the about 9:00 pm. I think they had a problem with the new eggbot. I hope they apologize with a prize.

Those numbers are the emote messages you have unlocked for those avatar. For example: 5/5 you have unlocked all the 5 emotes for that avatar (you see the emote unlocked on the left, under the avatar); 0/6 you haven’t unlocked the emotes for that avatar. Some avatar have a special emote, and this is why they have 6 emotes instead of 5.
If you haven’t unlocked emotes for an avatar, you’ll use the 5 standard emotes for that avatar.

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Same here,didn’t get anything.