No rewars in fight for Pandora. Is it a bug?

Hello everybody. Sorry for doing my first message as a complain, because I really love this game. The blend is very unique between TCG/strategy with an amazing artistic direction.
I was following the game for quite a good amount of time and I’m very happy that is starts now to have the development it deserves.

Now my question:
I joined the game last friday, so I think just before the Pandora counter reaches 50k games. Since then I didn’t receive any reward when it passed the 50k and 75k marks. Is it a bug ? (I fought quite a lot of battles in the mode to acheive the egg event quest).

The rewards are in the form of a coupon code sent to your e-mail. You should have received them by now. They can be redeemed in the in-game shop using the text box on the left that says “redeem your coupon”.

Thank you for the answer, Grigri, but I didn"t receive any email (I checked also my spams…)

Be sure it’s the same e-mail you used to register your game account. If you’re not sure what e-mail you used, you can go to your forum profile and it should show you under preferences. If you’re sure you checked the right e-mail and it’s not there, you can e-mail

Ok, It is the right email (I already asked for a password renewal), then I will send an email to the support.

Thanks for your answers Grigri.