Noob here, trying to join a tournament

So today when I logged in, to my surprise, I had the option to register decks.
I always wanted to play in a tournament, so I registered my 3 decks.
Now the register button is still there, but when I click on it I get an error and the game crashes.
I don’t have an option to join the tournament lobby or anything like that.
What do I do?


Hey man! The register button is only for monthly cup players; the cup started a few hours ago, you can still watch it on

Unfortunately you can’t join the tournament today, it is a rare exclusive tournament between the best players. They have other tournaments to qualify, which have already passed, we’ll see them later this month.

There is an open tournament happening tomorrow, Sunday (10th).

‘Garudan, Heart of the Mountain’ takes place Sunday (Sep 10th) at 1 PM EDT // 7 PM CEST.

Link to join:

Also, join our discord to make communication easier:

You need to sign-up and check-in before the tournament starts (on battlefy). The brackets will tell you who your opponents are, just add them in-game and battle them in a timely manner. Simply play 1 match against them and the winner moves on, if you lose there is a “losers bracket” which gives you a second chance.

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