Not getting my daily login rewards?

Dear Faeria,

Thank you for a wonderful game, I’ve been playing for five days now and I love it.
On day one it gave me a daily login reward and showed me my scheduled daily rewards.

However, after day one I have not received any daily rewards, neither has the schedule showed up again. Could you enlighten me as to what is going on?

On day one I bought the starting kit for 10 bucks, and Goki, the gold miner.
Maybe this has screwed things up for me?

Thanks in advance for your answer,

You only get the daily login reward if you log in daily. Goki is the only daily thing that accumulate when you are off (as well as daily quest, but only up to 3).

Also, you get new daily quests as soon as the clock says it’s the next day, but you have to log off and back in to get the daily reward, maybe that might be your issue if you just let running Fearia in background h24.

Otherwise, it’s a bug I don’t know, let’s hope Abrakam will come accross your post and help.

Thank you for your reply. I log in multiple times a day. It must be a bug, probably my fault for trying to play games on a mac.

I have contacted the developers, hopefully they will adress this issue.

You should try to contact the devs in the discord channel. It will be much more likely to get a fast reply there.

Thank you for your reply.

Final report: No response from devs yet, but not needed. the 5th day suddenly the daily rewards showed up again. I have missed 4 days of 120 gold but that is fine.