NulReferenceException Error

Is anyone else getting this error? It can pop up during a game, as you log in and I can’t seem to find any fixes anywhere?
I have informed one of the community managers, but I was wondering there was any fixes you guys could think of!

Thanks again! I’ve added a screenshot.

P.S it sucks so bad I had all afternoon off work to play but can’t D:

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Same. Cant complete solo quest because game will crash and then I will get the same error as OP upon login for a period of time before it finally goes away. Rinse. Repeat.

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Exactly what I have so frustrating, hopefully it will be fixed soon! I think there is a patch coming up soon!

Also having this problem. Happened in my first game after account creation, now happens immediately when I log in. GameId: 10171076

it’s a shame it’s a really good game, hold tight hopefully they should fix it soon!

Same for me!!!