Odd Level Reward

I appreciate the level rewards every 10 levels…but was a bit miffed at my Level 290 Reward…

…not much choice then?? :frowning:

…I’m used to having a choice of 3 - any idea why this happened??

you already have the full play set of all other rare cards,so you dont get to choice

“are 1 card(s)” should probably be fixed so that it’s either explicitly singular or plural. This should take like 5 mins max (plus testing).

IMHO they could give you the option of a bit of memoria instead.

I’ve checked and you’re right - I had 3 each of all but that one rare card…now I have 3 each of every rare card…

…so come level 300 what choice will I be given… (I guess 300 might be different being a century) but after that ???

I asked a similar question on reddit. You’ll get offered gold if you would have obtained a rare, or if you are lucky, you’ll get offered an epic or legendary.