Offer to create new game modes

Game in its current form looks a bit empty. Game modes as ranked and pandora its too little, its enough for HS other casual CCG games but so for deep and multifaceted as Farea its not enough. You have correctly presented the game as an eSports, its good. So why not create mini tournaments in the game and the tournament of challenges as form of game modes. For example, you can see these realization in Duels of Champions game. Its modes was very popular and interesting. Or make something of own suitable for a game like Faerie. Please don’t stop and think about in such a form as now game wiil become popular.


Yes, I said this many times in my streams, this game needs more reasons for people that doesn’t aim at the top10 god ranks to keep playing.
One of these reasons could totally be new modes.

Like Brawls, drafts, Pandora Drafts, like bo3 ranked or things like that.

Right, I’m one of those people. I really like Faeria, but I’m not playing because I see no purpose. Victory in a single match or more is not interesting. Deckbuilding too, because I can’t test my decks with low ratings players, and up God rank takes too much time, I don’t have it. Ranked not interesting for the same reason. The Victory in Pandora not exciting. Single play is boring. And game progress reset each month. Almost each match in Faeria requires mental investment from the player and I want to get the relevant reward from game for this.

What about 2vs2 mode? I think more people will like it and it will work with Faeria, because we can team up with our friends, I really want this mode.

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Wager Mode: a player challenge other player, each player bet 1 card they have, winner get card of loser.

I’d love to have more game modes! The problem is that that would divide the player-base even further, our player-base can barely support 2 modes as it is. This is definitely something to revisit after release though or once the game becomes more popular.


hello, i just started to play this amazing game few days ago and i love it. I use to play might and magic duel of champions and i hope this project will not end up the same. I gotta say that game modes are more than important for an online card game. There is only 1 tournament ingame which i can see when i log into the game ( register deck or smthg, or maybe Its not what i think?). Casuals dont have time and will to search forums for tourneys… Its either in game so i can see it, click on it and play it or it doesnt exist. New players are more than important, sure its cool to see end game, pro tourney with amazing prizes but it will take ages for newcomer to take part in it. There must be ingame tourneys for newbies like codex + few packs decks only etc with small rewards just to keep the fun on. I would like to play some kind of mtg constructed mode myself, i wouldnt mind to even pay monthly fee just to play it all the time ( there is no way a normal person can afford to buy ticket or gold ingame to play few hours a day). Well anyway dont want to put walltext so in summary, this game need more modes to attract new players and give them chance to win or it will die like doc with no doubt.

Mini tournaments is an interesting idea, depending on how “mini” we’re talking.

When I was into Brood War, I was a fan of the public “observer” matches. It was a custom game type where people could basically join a lobby, watch an ongoing game, and queue up to battle publicly. There were no rewards, it was just practice. Observers could talk to each other in the lobby and comment on the match. It was based on the honor system so nothing prevented cheating, but what’s the point of cheating in a practice match for no reward?

Now that I think about it, maybe just adding the ability to observe Practice Pandora would be ideal for that, or observation lobbies.

But I also like the mini tournaments in Path of Exile, some gimmicky rule for a short tournament and small reward. Like codex only, card restrictions, color restrictions, in-game events (like in Solo matches), reduced turn timer, or whatever.

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