Official Pantheon Format

Our upcoming Faeria Monthly Cups will be using the Pantheon format.

How does it work?

  • Every match consists of a “Best of 3” set of games. Grand Finals in any tournament will be Best of 5.
  • Each player shall submit 3 decks via the in-game button available in the upper left of the main menu upon login.
  • You cannot use more than 3 of any card (or 1 of any Legendary) across your entire set of decks.
    For example: If you use 3 of any Common/Rare/Epic card in one deck, you cannot use that card in any other deck.
    If you use 2 of any Common/Rare/Epic card in one deck, you may use 1 of that card in any other deck.
  • The first deck submitted shall be the player’s Prime Deck. The player must use their Prime Deck in the very first game of every match. Tournament lobbies will force players to do this.
  • When a deck wins, you MUST use that deck again in next game of the same match.
  • When a deck loses, you CANNOT use it again in the same match.

We will also be applying a 36 minute persistent Time Bank across an entire Best of 3 (12 minutes per game).

Use this thread for discussing the new format. Thanks!


Very exciting format! Super fresh but I still feel like I have seen it before :rubyfish:

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Liking how the new format forces deck creativity. Looking forward to seeing some matches :smiley:

Does look like a bit like the Relentless of Faeria Showdown #1, no ? :wink:
Anyway, same thing to add as for that one, Conquest way of doing it (when you win with a deck, you have to change) feels better with the rules than Koth, that stops you a bit from using all your strongest cards in your main deck …
Anyway, can’t wait for it :slight_smile:

If the meta will have strong popular decks and also counter-decks, this format will favor the player winning game1 quite a lot. Example:

Game one:
Both players use their first decks, player X wins.


Game two:
Player Y picks a deck that counters player X deck and wins.


Game three:
Player X picks a counter to player Y deck and wins.