Ogre Dance and Bold Barginer not working

I just built a Colosus deck that depends on Ogre Dance and Bold Barginer to get my heavies into play. When I go to play them, whether through Steam or on my iPad, their gift ability isn’t triggering. I’ve tried three games and it consistently fails to trigger. None of the cards in my hand are reduced in cost.

I haven’t seen this bug reported. Are the devs aware of this?

Update: I tested again. They work in Casual but not Ranked.

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Since you mentioned it as a Colossus deck, this could be the same bug which has been around for a long time which is on Primeval Colossus. For whatever reason, the Primeval has been bugged that it doesn’t trigger discount effects but still absorbs them so you wouldn’t get the discounts to work. Same happens with Radiance although that one is intended since it is always equal cost to your Orb Life.

If you weren’t using the Primeval then I would say you have a new bug here. The only other option would be if you already had a 0f cost card in hand and that was absorbing the discount, since it can still be hit even if its already at 0f cost.

I have a Colosus in my deck and there is a good chance it was in my hand when this occured. So we can correct my earlier update, it doesn’t have to do with Casual or Ranked, it has to do with the old bug (why are there still old bugs?)

Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t know about that bug.

Is that actually a game bug? or just a problem with the description? I think the wording on cost reduction really needs fixing.

For consistency I think that a card should have:

  • Base cost.
  • Card-specific reactive adjustment (colossus, radiance, dark stalker, etc …).
  • Card-independent event/gift/etc adjustment (ogre dance, krog, mochi, urn, etc …).

The card-independent event effect should apply after the card-specific event.
Effects based on card cost should work on base cost. So a Spring Mochi could reduce a colossus from 8 to 6, and then further special land could reduce it to 5. The cost should be unchanged if the order is reversed.

To me that seems easier to understand. It would be a rule-change, though.

Reducing Primeval’s cost used to work, but it stopped working when Radiance was added to the game. It seems like making Radiance immune to cost reductions caused Primeval to also be unreducible because of a bug. I remember seeing one of the developers call it a bug on Discord too.

I think I remember Aquablad or someone saying that both Primeval and Radiance Airship are the only two cards that are immune to cost reduction effects.

[quote=“Decabytes, post:6, topic:6755, full:true”]
I think I remember Aquablad or someone saying that both Primeval and Radiance Airship are the only two cards that are immune to cost reduction effects
[/quote]Windstorm, Wavecrash & Volcanic Colossi also have similar effects. Does cost reduction work on them?

Just tested it really quick. My bold bargainer reduced the cost of Windstorm Colossus, Ogre dance reduced the cost of Volcanic Colossus, and Blood Song reduced the cost of Volcanic Colossus and Wavecrash Colossus. I also didn’t realize that Volcanic Colossus could be reduced down past 7. But now that I reread the text, I guess the limit of 7 is only for enemy creatures dying.

So all cost reduction cards work on these colossi.

Here’s the descriptions:

Since the wording is of the same form I’d say it’s kinda a bug if they don’t act the same way. Yet the Primeval one doesn’t, right?

For reference:

Which is worded totally differently. However, even then I think it should act consistently.

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