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That’s actually a valid point :slight_smile:

However if I think outside the box and try to imagine how things would happen on a battlefield, I can picture an attack being redirected to Shrine when it targets Sharra/a protected creature. That attack never reaches its target, so it doesn’t pop the fragile bubble, and Sharra doesn’t have the opportunity to use its abilities to avoid that attack, no matter how she does it :wink: Poor Shrine doesn’t know if the target might be saved from the blow, it blindly redirects it to itself !
As for Protection/Sharra, well … it depends of how she nullifies the attacks : if she does avoid the attack, then the bubble should avoid it as well and remain untouched, but if she can somehow endure it because of her magical equipment or whatever, then the attack would pop the bubble before reaching her.
So both of these behaviors would be correct to me (but by wording, I would still believe that it’s working as it should) :grin:

Did you try to put sharra before shrine? and the opposite? I want to be sure its not because of entering priority

Well, according to Mark (MrLink) and phelbin, who did the tests, the order of board placement wouldn’t matter. That was, when I asked about the very same thing regarding the order of board placement of Shrine and Protection. I don’t think they tested this further, though, so I can’t tell you for sure. :confused:

Last question, Structure got priority? I mean will their ability always activate before creatures/Spell ability if they interact with them? Then it would most likely be a game mechanics. If not then I will gladly add more information towards both cards :smiley:

Edit: I still need someone to tell me if Structure have priority over other ability.

Well, do you have another example where this question could have a meaning ? I personnaly don’t see another case where we could ask this question, but maybe …

I guess this is a question for the dev, It must be written somewhere in the coding of the game.

I asked around it seems Shrine will always take damage before ANYTHING else does. I will update this + the card tweaks today

Edit: Done.

I won’t be able to update this for 2 months. Got some personal issue, If anyone want to add things to it, feel free to do so. I will update as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Hope to see you back soon mate!

I am still unable to update this list, But I think it is pretty much up to date right now anyway. I’ll come back as soon as I can.

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Alright everyone, I am back. If there’s anything I should change please let me know I will update asap.

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