Orb HP

Would it be possible to move the hp of the orb to the top maybe? Was playing a game last night and there was a flying creature to the right of the orb which covered the orbs HP. I wasn’t sure if it was 13 or 14 and was trying to work out if I could get lethal, luckily I guessed right it was 13 but it could have cost me the game if I’d have left 1 him with 1 life point left.


This was mentioned like a bazillion times. Even I made a thread like two patches ago.
Don’t know why but Abrakam seems to be reluctant to change it, although it seems like an easy fix.

Yea there are a bunch of different was this could be approached. Show your opponents health in the same area where it shows how many cards are left in their deck. Hover over the orb to see health. Move the health somewhere where it can’t be obstructed, etc.