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  • Orosei Analysis
  • Terms

The Relevant Leaps

  • The 1-3 Leap
  • The 2-4 Leap
  • The 3-5 Leap
  • The 4-6 Leap
  • The 5-7 Leap

The Irrelevant Leaps

  • The 6-8 Leap
  • The 7-9 Leap
  • The 8-10 Leap


  • Edge Case Leaps
  • Fun Facts/Observations


Orosei Analysis

Welcome to my Orosei guide ^v^ Before going through the merits of each transformation, I’d like to briefly describe what the card does because the text doesn’t fully describe it.

(Highlight for reference)

There are two major points regarding the cards function I’d like to go over:

Firstly, the card says it transforms your creatures into ones that cost 2F more. What isn’t readily apparent about this effect is that it’s referring to the play cost, not the default creature cost. This means that if you play a typically 4F creature for 3F then Orosei will transform it into a 5F creature, not a 6F one.

There are a few creatures which conditionally discount themselves in hand ([Card=183]Ancient Boar[/Card], [Card=95]Dark Stalker[/Card], and [Card=276]Shaytan Scavenger[/Card]) as well as creatures which discount others in your hand only as long as they’re on the board ( [Card=36]Magda, Queen of Meroval[/Card] and [Card=739]Simulacrum of Obedience[/Card]). In both cases, creatures discounted by these effects return to their base cost once they hit they board unless they have been discounted by other means.
Creature discounts not dependant on current board conditions are global and will affect the play cost. However, the creature’s cost will not update after it’s played, (i.e. playing a 10F Primeval Colossus and then placing a special land will not make the Primeval Colossus cost 9F on board).

Orosei’s transformations also have a particular quirk: if there are no creatures costed 2F greater than the one being transformed, even if there are ones 1F greater, then it transforms into another creature that shares its cost. This means a few creatures cannot be naturally transformed into (i.e. without cost increases/reductions) and that some creatures will transform into themselves (sort of like a reset).

Secondly, the way transformation effects work need to be considered.

  • A creature transformed the turn it was played will still not be able to act, and a creature transformed afterwards will be able to take any actions it hasn’t already. (This is very important in determing whether a transformation is good)
  • A creature that transforms into one with haste, will be able to act if it hasn’t already.
  • An aquatic creature transformed into a non-aquatic, non-flying one will be able to attempt to move back onto land if it hasn’t moved yet, else it will drown at the end of the turn.
  • A non-aquatic creature transformed into an aquatic one will be able to move into the sea or onto a lake if it hasn’t moved yet, else it will suffocate at the end of the turn.
  • Creatures which have swallowed another creature will no longer have that creature swallowed once transformed. (Disturbing :D)


This is how I define the categories I’ve split the cards of each leap into. It’s important to note that these creatures are judged based on immediate board prescence

Excellent: Immdiately threatening, especially if it can act; would have been worth playing on it’s own.

Great: Seriously good in terms of stats or ability, but not both.

Good: Usually an upgrade, but at the cost of mobility or a notable stat increase. Sometimes a sidegrade.

Bad: An unfortunate hit that can potentially work out, but is essentially a downgrade.

Horrible: Strictly a downgrade, sometimes by a lot.

XF: Faeria Cost

The Relevant Leaps

These leaps judge creatures as though they had transformed up form a hypothetical XF X/X that has gotten over summoning sickness, where X is the cost of the creature transforming. This isn’t always a relevant way to judge and I’ll make note when it isn’t applicable.

The 1 --> 3 Leap

There are 70 3F creatures
23N 11G 14B 6R 16Y =70

7 Excellent hits:
Lost Explorer, Shadowsilk Faeire, Living Willow, Spirit of Rebirth, Blood Singer, Underground Brigand, Death Walker

20 Great hits:
Cartographer, Hunted Outlaw, Long-horned Yak, Master Swordsman, Queens’s Assassin, Tax Collector, Elderwood Hermit, Sagami Warrior, Zephyr Vulpine, Aurora’s Disciple, Gabrian Commander, Triton Tactician, Flying Piranha, Mystic Beast, Axe Grinder, Flame Thrower, Demon Wing, Slaughtering Shadow, Shaytan Assassin, Wind Soldier

40 Good hits

3 Bad hits:
Court Jester, Plague Bearer, God Hunter

0 Horrible hits


  • 7/70(10%) Exc
  • 27/70(38.6%) Grt-Exc
  • 67/70(95.7%) Gd-Grt-Exc
  • 3/70(4.3%) Bad-Hor
  • 0/70(0%) Hor

The 1-3 Leap is a strange one to evaluate. Unsurprisingly, most things are an upgrade to a 1/1, but even then there are a lot of Great and Excellent creatures to transform up into! Of course 3F creatures are pretty dependant on their gifts so there’s also a wide swath of sidegrades and small upgrades. I personally wouldn’t build a deck around this leap, but at least you’d have to be horrifically unlucky for it to backfire XD

The 2 --> 4 Leap

There are 72 4F creatures
19N 9G 10B 13R 13Y 2GB 1GR 1GY 2BR 1RY 1GBRY =72

5 Excellent hits:
Laya, Magda, Yakkapault, Rakoan Chieftain, Mistral Guide

9 Great hits:
Nekomata, Gabrian Archon, Triton Warrior, Ninja Toad, Grim Guard, Ignusi Ritualist, CAP-10, Lavasurge Axolotl, Dustbringer Wraith

51 Good hits

4 Bad hits: Daring Adventurer, Everbloom Wisp, Bloodfire Wisp, Wind Wisp

3 Horrible hits:
Monkey Genius, Deranged Monkey, Firebringer (dies instantly, ability doesn’t apply as it was never in your hand or deck)


  • 5/72(6.9%) Exc
  • 14/72(19.4%) Grt-Exc
  • 65/72(90.3%) Gd-Grt-Exc
  • 7/72(9.7%) Bad-Hor
  • 3/72(4.2%) Hor

The 2-4 leap is the most secure leap as well as the easiest to enable. The trade off is that even it’s best hits aren’t particularly impactful. Though some of the transformed creatures are likely to have been [Card=129]frogs[/Card], so you can at least be more flexible with your positioning.

Of note: The Flying Manta tokens summoned by [Card=528]Flight of the Mantas[/Card] are 3F, not 2F.

The 3 --> 5 Leap

There are 58 5F creatures

9N 12G 8B 16R 7Y 1GB 2GY 3BY= 58

7 Excellent hits:
Feral Kodama, Thyrian Golem, Skyward Swordfish, Seifer B. T., Baldurion, Khalim, Windborne Champion

11 Great hits:
Deepwood Grizzly, Grove Guardian, Rotting Boar, Ruunin, Tide Lord, Glide Hopper, Crumbling Golem, Kobold Smuggler, Underground Boss, Ogre Adventurer, Manta Rider

32 Good hits

4 Bad hits:
King’s Faithful, Blazing Salamander, Shaytan Monstrosity, Twinsoul Spirit

4 Horrible Hits:
Royal Judge, Soul Eater, Triton Stargazer, Bombslinger


  • 7/58(12.1%) Exc
  • 18/58(31%) Grt-Exc
  • 50/58(86.2%) Gd-Grt-Exc
  • 8/58(13.8%) Bad-Hor
  • 4/58(6.9%) Hor

This leap 3-5 leap is pretty reliably good. Most 3F creatures are dependent on their Gift effects so their stats tend to be below the 3F 3/3 hypothetical. This means whenever they’re transformed not only have they usually done something but they’re usually buffed a decent bit. 5F creatures seem to have more combat oriented stats on the whole.

The 4 --> 6 Leap

There are 28 6F creatures

9N 7G 4B 4R 1Y 2GR 1RY =28

3 Excellent hits:
Kaios D.O., Shozen, Istanu

6 (7?) Great hits:
Queen’s Guard, Mobie, Verduran Force, Monstrous Hydra, [Card=126]Wavecrafter[/Card] (?), Bursting Hippo, Fragmenter

15 Good Hits

2 Bad hits:
Emerald Salamander, Lord of Terror

1 Horrible hit:
Crackthorn Beast


  • 3/28(10.7%) Exc
  • 9/28 (32.1%) Grt-Exc (10/28(35.7%) w/Wavecrafter)
  • 25/28(89.2%) Gd-Grt-Exc
  • 3/28(10.7%) Bad-Hor
  • 1/28(3.57%) Hor

The 4-6 leap is incredibly safe and usually an upgrade to anything you control. Blue also contains arguably the best 4F creatures in the game with Aurora, Triton Warrior, and Gabrian Archon as well as Triton Adventurer and Water Elemental. Blue also has natural access to Failed Experiment to cheat Orosei’s effect. Now that there’s a few expansions under her belt, I think it might be worth taking another look at Orosei. I personally plan to try a blue jump/ midrange with Orosei ^v^

The 5 --> 7 Leap

There are 20 7f creatures

3N 1G 5B 6R 1Y 1GB 2BR 1RY =20

3 Excellent hits:
Icerock Behemoth, Sorocco F.M., Solem

3 Great hits:
Dream Reaver, Barbarian Ogre, Scourgeflame Specter

6 Good hits:
Oak Father, Coral Poliwog, Gabrian Warden, Mirror Phatasm, Boulder Thrower, Kobold Warlord

3 Bad hits:
Sharra, Seige Engine, Battle Rager

5 Horrible hits:
Banon, Apex Predator, Illusion of Grandeur, Bold Bargainer, Hate Seed


  • 3/20(15%) Exc
  • 6/20(30%) Grt-Exc
  • 12/20(60%) Gd-Grt-Exc
  • 8/20(40%) Bad-Hor
  • 5/20(25%) Hor

The 5-7 leap is unreliable and plagued with some real duds. I was somewhat generous with Mirror Phantasm and Gabrian Warden because they’re sidegrades. They are Good only by virtue of not being Bad, not being downgraded below a hypothetical 5f 5/5. If you disagree with this call, then the leap becomes an abyssmal 50/50 gamble.

The Irrelevant Leaps

(The anlysis of these leaps will be a lot less thorough, because they’re just not likely to occur)

The 6-8 Leap

There are 5 8F creatures
2B 2R 1BR

  • Baeru: some big stats if you can get it into water before the end of the turn
  • Wavecrash Colossus: small stat buff, but nothing else
  • Ogre Battler: small stat buff, taunt is nice
  • Ignus: a fun creature to cheat out, especially nice if you get multiple.
  • Gemstone Tortoise: a very minor stat debuff; bad but not tragic

An uninspiring leap outside of cheating out Ignus. You’re unlikely to have many 6F creatures to transform unless you’ve already used Orosei on a few 4F ones. I definitley want to try combining this leap with a deck already geared around getting multiple Ignus XD.

The 7-9 Leap

There are 2 9F creatures, 1N 1R

  • Walking Fortress: technically a minor downgrade, still better statwise then most 7f creatures you may have transformed up into
  • Red Devil: just horrible

Just avoid when able

The 8-10 Leap

Funnily enough,there are 10 10F creatures

  • Celeste, Tethra, Orosei, Garudan, and Azarai: A sidegrade to anything but Baeru, very meh (also Celeste comes back, which could be nice?)
  • Magnus: great ability, underwhelming stats
  • Radiance S.O.: great stats
  • Majinata: sticky but small
  • Stormspawn: almost certainly not worth the Faeria you’d have put into getting it, but kinda of a nice refund
  • Windstorm Colossus: real bad


Everything beyond this point is just for fun. I’m going to explore the last few “leaps” and some fun facts I discovered while doing all this R&D. ^v^

Edge Case Leaps

  • The only non-token, 0F creature is [Card=726]Amai Mapdealer[/Card] and every 2F creature is a direct upgrade to it expcept for Ghost Dragon which dies instanlty.
  • All 9F creatures become the only 11F creature: Volcanic Colossus
  • All 10F creatures become the only 12F creature: Krog, The Ogre King (All the Dragons, the Spirit of Everlife, and a Giant Stolen Airship all become this single goofy ogre XD)
  • Krog transforms into himself, because of course he does
  • The only creature that can be naturally transformed up into the 15F Tarum, The Forest World or Mother of All Yaks is the 13F Ostregoth, Hand of Oblivion, who is only obtainable by opening the [Card=308]Doomgate[/Card]
  • Tarum, The Forest World and Mother of All Yaks will transform into each other
  • No creatures can naturally transform into the 16F Primeval Colossus. (Having Krog’s price increased from 12F to 14F by using two [Card=668]Dustbringer Wraiths[/Card] and transforming him into Primeval Colossus is how I verified Orosei takes into account cost increases XD)
  • The only 20F creature Radiance, Imperial Airship transforms into itself. Radiance’s cost on board will still change to reflect your life. (Radiance has easily the most variable cost of any creature so is probably the most reliable way to trigger certain leaps)

Fun Facts/Observations

It is impossible for Orosei to transform any creature into a 0F, 1F, or token creature.

There are no multi-colored 3F creatures, and the only 3F multi-colored card at all is Three Wishes

Green is the only color with no 1F creatures

Corrupt creatures are actually really nice to transform up into because your creatures are likely over summoning sickness and your opponent can’t plan for them.

Swarming Carrasius is probably the best card to use some silly double Orosei into an army of Ignus strategy on