Ostregoth's new look

Okay so Doomgate Door To Oblivion got it’s art updated and it looks great but Ostregoth which is summoned by the doomgate not so much. You see Ostregoth now has a yellow and blue colour scheme, a centaur like body, featherclad wings and golden antlers. I think this makes it appear to angelic. One thing i loved about the doomgate and Ostregoth was that they had a very cultic and forbidden feel to them. Alot of the desert cards did this with the sacrifing of allies and such but this new Ostregoth looks like a demi god that some divine paladin would summon to aid him in battle against wicked blashpemous heavens. I don’t think that Ostregoth’s new look fits with the rest of the desert demons in Faeria. I am not sure if the old design was placeholder art or not but either way the old art for Ostregoth would not fit the new art for the doomgate. I very much like what had been done with the doomgate and think it should stay as it is now with the skulls and flame but that would mean having to redesign Ostregoth which you did but i recommend reredesigning it. http://i.imgur.com/8L5FOZo.png

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I see your point, and it is interesting. But the fact that Ostregoth has a different style from others desert demons does not bother me : he comes from an unknown place called Oblivion, and he is surely the only “demon” of the yellow cards coming from that place (that’s what explain the high number of sacrifices you must go through to summon him) ; it seems logical to me that he has his own particular style. But his colour sheme, yellow and blue, does fit with yellow cards in general.

I’m very happy some players take time to discuss about Faeria’s art ! :slight_smile:

I kinda like the angelic appearance. It makes it feel like you’re summoning an almighty god which is kinda true since when you summon him the game is usually over.

I think the blue is reflected from the orbs; when i look at it I imagine s/he has feathers like a crow. Maybe the small face is a little bit angelic though… also with charge 13 I would expect to see unbelievable speed. If s/he is huge, maybe something in the painting to show a sense of size? (besides the orbs) … Maybe some khalim’s worshipers bowing at it’s feet or something ?

In general, I am impressed whenever I see a crop of the higher resolution art in the new UI; I suspect this is the case here too, when the image got downgraded maybe the blue color got over embellished. Still, if it looks blue to most people, it might be tweaked. The artists are amazing! I am glad at least it is being shown in the backgrounds now, since the cards are forced to be so small

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Yes but i don’t think he should look this different since he literally has goth in his name and comes from a place called oblivion i think it should look a little more dark and twisted.

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Yes Ostrogoth is certainly godlike but not quite a god of good, i mean he has goth in his name, comes from a place called oblivion, requires live sacrifices and is summoned through the DOOMgate, i think he’s more of a god of chaos and destruction.

Good idea with adding something to make it seem bigger but i’m pretty sure Khalim’s followers follow Khalim not Ostregoth :wink:

Heh, yeah but maybe they’ll change their mind when they see The New Boss

Oh, maybe fitting, could the 13 speed also be due to its ability to open portals? Maybe he uses the orbs to open one

Cool idea with the portals maybe it could be a moving animation, instead of the portrait just moving it throws an orb to the tile it is wanted to move to and a portal is opened at that tile for Ostregoth to emerge from. I don’t really know what you are talking about with the new boss, is it an ingame solo mission that is going to be added, are they going to get a new boss at abrakam?

New Boss: … nothing like that, I was just referring to Ostregoth being so much more powerful than Khalim… if I was a 0/2 follower I might decide to follow a new entity once Ostregoth hit the board :wink:

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I think the image is stunning, but I agree it feels out of place. I mistook it for a dragon the first time, and feel it need to be a little more Eldrazi.