Otk with Cannon Carrier!

I saw someone playing an otk deck on ladder where they buffed up possessed ursus, gave it flying, and then moved it straight into the opponents face. This inspired me to make an otk deck.

Here is the deck

Feed the Forest x3

Famine x2

Earthcraft x3

Gabrian Enchantment x3

Plague Bearer x2

Elderwood Embrace x2

Living Willow x3

Lore Thief x3

Wandering Monk x3

Frogify x2

Possessed Ursus x2

Cannon Carrier x2

You can win with either a wondering monk that is dropped early enough or with a Possessed Ursus. Place your winning creature of choice in front of your orb. If it is the monk, draw through your deck as fast as possible and give it ranged with cannon carrier. If it is the Ursus, us a gabrian enchantment on it and then famine + (famine, plague bearer, or elderwood embrace) followed by cannon carrier and hit face.

I have been having tons of fun with this deck, especially when my opponent has no idea what is coming. I am hoping to get some feedback/suggestions to help improve this deck.

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Nice epic troll deck, can’t wait to give it a shot. Would Tethra work with this deck? Or would it just slow it down?

Oh Tethra sounds awesome. I don’t have one :frowning: which is the only reason I havn’t tried Tethra myself. Along those lines Aurora would probably be good too.