Oversky Card Spotlight - Apex Predator

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Card Spotlight - Apex Predator

Card Spotlight returns after the release of the Oversky Expansion. In this series we will investigate how the Oversky has shaped the Faeria landscape. Expect to read about old and new cards and discover what decks they can feature in. Included in every article is a video of these decks in action!

Apex Predator

In the days of old Apex Predator fulfilled it’s name by stalking prey on ladder. Apex was considering a tier one deck back in the Early Access period when it cost 6 Faeria. Matches usually ended up along the lines of “who could build the biggest Apex”. Apex was then nerfed to a 7 Faeria and has never made a come back. On paper, Apex looks very enticing because it has the potential to grow into a large threat. However the Faeria landscape had become Tempo driven and it’s difficult to justify the investment, especially now with cards like Crystal Flower.

The most common direction for an Apex deck is through Gabrian Enchantment and Enchantress. This allows cheap creatures like the Living Willow to harvest in the early game and then they can gain a massive Attack boost through Enchantment. This provides a solid Attack and Life value for Apex Predator to gain. A 10/10 Jump creature can challenge all of Faeria’s base level creatures and offers a two turn lethal set up.

Aurora’s Creation played a big role in the success of old Apex lists. If your first Apex is a 10/10 your second would become a 13/13 after copying your original Apex. This strategy isn’t as powerful as before but with the new Oversky cards, it’s a good addition.

Oversky gave Blue Green a lot of support but it wasn’t aimed at pushing the Apex archetype. These cards do give Apex a bit more firepower outside the Enchantment route. You have Shifting Octopus, a very flexible early creature that can be Enchanted up to a 7/7 or used as a mobile harvester. Frog-Tosser gives the deck removal which is something that was very limited in both Blue and Green.

The main issue with Apex Predator is that it’s a dead card without a good target. You want at least 5+ in Attack and Life to get value from the 7 Faeria price tag. Without a suitable creature to copy on board the card will remain in your hand or be played for poor value. This is Apex Predator’s biggest flaw.

Why play Apex Predator?

Apex Predator is an alternative win condition for Blue Green. It’s not going to compete with the tier one decks but could rumble with popular Green and Red decks. If Red Combat doesn’t get early momentum then it could get difficult for them to handle a big Apex Predator. Apex’s mobility is also a way to find a fast lethal due to it’s massive Attack value.

Sometimes you just end of up with silly boards like this!

Gabrian Enchantment is the the tried and tested build for Apex. Here is my Oversky version of Apex Predator.

Crystal Flower and Frog-Tosser buy you some time when setting up your lands. I decided to take Earthcraft over Wood Elemental for the card draw. As you can see we only have two copies of Apex Predator. This is to prevent dead draws and we still have Aurora’s Creation to help make more if we need them.


Apex Predator may not be the strongest card but it can get out of control if not checked. Massive Apex Predators are going to become a problem for decks like Mono Green and Mono Red. The Oversky cards help you control the board while building towards this end game. Don’t be afraid to push your advantage with Willow and Octopus when they’re Enchanted. 7/7 creatures can be enough firepower to win a game alone.