Oversky Card Spotlight - Aurora's Trick

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Card Spotlight - Aurora’s Trick

Card Spotlight returns after the release of the Oversky Expansion. In this series we will investigate how the Oversky has shaped the Faeria landscape. Expect to read about old and new cards and discover what decks they can feature in. Included in every article is a video of one of these decks in action!

Aurora’s Trick

Aurora has the most interesting events out of the Star Legends. Aurora’s power comes from manipulating friends and foes through powerful magic. Aurora’s Creation copies a creature and Aurora’s Dream can be a win condition. Aurora’s Trick is possibly the most under played tool in her arsenal. It comes with a hefy land cost of five Lakes and can only target creatures with 2 Attack or less. This is very restrictive but it should be because stealing creatures is only fun for one player.

Their are a few high value targets in our current meta-game. Each of the cards above feature in tier one decks. The most valuable of the three is Windstorm Charger. The Charger is a very deadly creature and often plays a large role in winning matches for Yellow Tempo. Once under your control you can use your own events to extend its power.

Another thing to consider is stealing Haste creatures. Any creature stolen with Haste can act straight after. This is something to consider when playing against a deck like Yellow Rush. You could steal an enemy Oradrim Monk and use it’s 2 Attack to clear other attackers like Khalim’s Follower.

Why play Aurora’s Trick?

The card might be considered underpowered but there are a few cards that support for it.

Humbling Vision is another under played Blue card but does have strong synergy with Trick. Humbling can combo with Trick and allow you to steal a creature of 4 Attack. It’s a little pricey so you’re going to have to choose a high value creature. Cards like Ruunin, Magnus and Khalim are good targets for this combo.

The Emperor’s Command is already a strong card on it’s own and synergies with Trick. In fact it has the same range as Humbling Vision’s. You can reduce the Attack of a creature by 2 which means you can once again steal a creature of 4 Attack.

It’s no surprise that the Emperor himself has a similar ability to his command. Kaios’s ability is much slower than the two above. However when it’s used in combo with Ulani’s Medallion and Aurora’s Creation you can drain attack on a global scale. This gives you more options when trying to steal with Trick but you have to keep Kaios on board. Be sure not to let Kaios destroy enemies by accident!

I want to mention that this list is by no means competitive. My goal was to build a deck based around Aurora’s Trick and this list shows some of the ideas I’ve had with that in mind. I got some inspiration from my recent Dream Reaver Deck Doctor. Watch the video for this article to see how I refined and worked on this deck.


Aurora’s Trick is powerful but quite restrictive. It’s slow land requirement makes it undesirable in the early game because it’ll most likely be a dead card for five turns. There are some fantastic targets for this card in the meta-game so I feel it’s not absolutely terrible, just held back by it’s land cost. I can’t see the card being changed in the future because you can’t teach an old Aurora new Tricks.